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The Wild Ride – Early Jack Nicholson ‘n Beatniks

The Wild Ride (1960)


“A rebellious punk of the beat generation spends his days as an amateur dirt track driver in between partying and trouble making. He eventually kidnaps his buddy’s girlfriend, kills a few police officers and finally sees his own life end in tragedy.” – IMDB


“In this too-cool-for-school 1960 vehicle for emerging star Jack Nicholson as hot-tempered juvenile delinquent Johnny Varron, the world is filled with greasers, dopers, rebels, dropouts, hot-rodders, and beat generation punks on a never-ending high octane bender.


And the cat known as Johnny Varron is the king of cool. The only thing Johnny likes to do more than haul ass in his supercharged hotrod and tangle with the fuzz… is copin’ a feel on his best friend’s girl! Directed by two-time loser Harvey Berman and edited by infamous Monte “Two-Lane Blacktop” Hellman” — The Isotope Guerrilla Cult Theatre



A Young Jack Nicholson


Holy fuck, someone take that 6″ sub away from tubby!


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