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Cruising – Al Pacino in Cult Classic Late 70’s Trashy Gaysploitation S&M Movie

Cruising is the ‘lost’ Al Pacino film directed by William Friedkin (The Exorcist, The French Connection). I remember as a kid hearing about the gay community protests against this film on the news. I would see it floatin’ around on the shelves of early video stores I belonged to in the early 80’s, but never ventured to peep it until last year, when a friend had a gnarly VHS copy. The degraded video quality added to the sleaziness that is this film.

This is an exploitation film, and anyone who says otherwise is full of shit, but that’s the beauty of it. Watchin’ Pacino freak out on poppers, overactin’, shakin’ his perm as he grinds on the dance floor packed with leather fags…SO FUCKIN’ AWESOME! Though, I don’t remember the color becomin’ more vivid after his inhale in the VHS version…hummm…

“When the movie began production, gay activists were incensed by a portrayal that even Friedkin admits was ”not the best foot forward…as an argument for the acceptance by heterosexual people of the gay lifestyle,” and raised holy hell. They protested by the hundreds at the sites of location shoots. They rented apartments next to rooms where Cruising was filming, making so much noise that much of its dialogue had to be rerecorded after production (a fact that only seems to have enhanced the deliberately disembodied quality of the performances). They stood on rooftops, wielding huge reflectors to spoil the cinematography. In short, says Friedkin, gay activists decided ”to shut down free speech.”” –Entertainment Weekly

“Some view the film as somewhat of a time capsule of the post-Stonewall pre-AIDS era of decadence in gay culture that was commonplace in many major urban centers in the 1970s and early 1980s.” – Wiki

The soundtrack is killer, Quentin Tarantino even used Willy DeVille‘s It’s So Easy in his piece of shit film Death Proof.

Download the full version that contains all six songs the Germs recorded for the film here.

So, I was doin’ my research on the film and I came across Boy Toys, a remake of Cruising using dolls!

“Who’s Here? I’m Here. You’re Here”

Now go rent it!

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