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Go Ask Alice – William Shatner Teen Runaway LSD Stoner 70’s Anti-Drug TV Movie

Go Ask Alice 1973 ABC Movie of the Week based on the fake diary of a teenage druggie.

“The most famous of these literary works was 1971’s Go Ask Alice, presented as the diary of an anonymous teen girl who began her career as a stoner at age 15 and died of an overdose just weeks after her 17th birthday. Through the diary entries we see this girl quickly escalate from her first drug experience (LSD was surreptitiously slipped into her Coke at a party) to all manner of disaster, including:

Indulging in a wide variety of illegal drugs.

While high, losing her virginity to a boy she didn’t much care about (rather than the one she was in love with).

Becoming casually promiscuous, then deeply regretting almost every sexual escapade she engages in.

Running away from home (twice).

Being sexually abused by people she falls in with while on the road.

Upon returning to her family, being ostracized by the nice kids and targeted for abuse by the stoners (who have decided she is a “squealer”).

After deciding to go straight, being slipped dangerous drugs by the stoner kids and then going on a horrifically bad trip, during which she tries to scratch off her face.

Being committed to a psychiatric hospital.” – Snopes

“The title is from the lyrics to the Jefferson Airplane song “White Rabbit“. Grace Slick wrote the song based on perceived drug references in the classic novel Alice In Wonderland. (On July 14 [page 36 of the 2006 edition], the writer says she “feel[s] like Alice in Wonderland” and “maybe Lewis G. Caroll was on drugs too.”)” –Wiki

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