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The Scary-Ass Hobo Dog Mutant from the 70’s Remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers

I was lookin’ at an old friend’s facebook profile picture and I was suddenly reminded of one of the most horrifyin’ film scenes ever…one that burned an impression in my young mind.

The Hobo/Dog hybrid from the 70’s remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers

” Elizabeth similarly alerts the pod people when she screams in reaction to seeing a pod duplicate with a dog’s body and a human’s face. This “creature” was formed from a combination of the banjo playing hobo and his dog, when Matthew kicks the pod growing next to them and obviously damages the duplication process to accidentally duplicate both the dog and the man into one creature.” – Wiki

It’s simple, just a mask on a dog, but way more effective than any modern CGI.


Anyways, check this movie if you can.

I especially recommend the original black ‘n white version, one of my all time favorites.

The recent remakes of this picture just suck. The secret is to just keep it simple, stupids!

The paranoia of pods replacing you when you sleep is timeless.

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