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Topps Ugly Stickers 60’s 70’s Crazy Weirdo Monster Art Wolverton Wood Saunders

Creepin’ around as a kid in friend’s older brother’s rooms, sometimes I would see these wild stickers of demented monsters that came from another era. The odd colorin’ and truly twisted creatures left a lastin’ impression. Recent research has revealed these to be called Ugly Stickers

Sorta the Pokemon of their time, a mixture of 60’s monster culture,Mad Magazine/ EC Magazine, outter space freakiness, Big Daddy Roth, ‘n Science Fiction pulp art, psychedelic culture, Surrealist Painting, scientific illustration. Pure gross out in the details!

With artwork by some of the MASTERS of the grotesque:

OG comic Weirdo Basil Wolverton

Wally Wood of EC Comics – Legend of Fantasy ‘n Sci-Fi art

Norman Saunders Wacky Package-esque shiny ‘n sickly style was present in the mix.

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