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The Soul Train Known as the Broke Man’s Domain

I was on the subway the other day and I saw this guy get on with a huge Casio keyboard over his shoulder

like the size of those ridiculous 80’s old school boom boxes.

He started welcomininin’ us to the ‘Soul Train’.

I scooted closer to clock his setup harder.

He started playin’ some of the pre-programed beats

hittin’ some random keys triggerin’ weird samples

…it was just gettin’ better!

Addressin’ his keyboard in a voice that sounded like E.T.,

He asked her if she was ready,

Strokin’  a key

a woman’s loud ecstatic moan answered YEAH!

boomed out the speakers
He rapped in a gravely voice ‘n played a recorder he had hangin’ ’round his neck by a string. Made my trip so much better, this was some real live entertainment.

The keyboard musta taken like 12 Double D batteries, duct tape holdin’ ’em back.

He earned more than the dollar I could afford to give him. He had his own basement hip-hop vibe

His keyboard is actin’ a lil’ janky in this clip, but I feel like it’s part of the routine.

This is a recession’, step up yer game if you wanna get paid!

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