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Early SeMeN SPeRmS Graffiti Character From 1993

My man Brisk Ske was venturin’ in the Jersey City wilds ‘n caught a flick of one of the early spoims on a rock face near some dead tracks. Kinda strange, because I don’t usually tag nature, for moral & aesthetic reasons. It just looks gross & ruins it for everyone. Punk-ass vandal shit. Tree taggers and pretty low in my book.

At least carve on them, or use thumb tacks, like I’ve seen in Queens. I’m thinkin’ the rock had been carved out by man, so there was a grey area that created a loophole.

The early spermatozoon were way more withered without the hi-lights in their eyes.

Empty has a shot of the first one ever on a gas station roll down gate.

Maybe I’ll havta take a pilgramage out to Chill Town, J.C. to shoot the remainin’ early batch still livin’ after all these years.

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