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Back the Fuck Up!

➡ Tiger Wood’s Crash Recreation Animation

➡ Now enjoy the fresh scent of Vulva, anytime

➡ The psychedelic secrets of Santa Claus

➡ Heavy Metal show flyers

➡ New Jersey Motorcycle Club Listings

➡ Scientists grow pork meat in a laboratory – As if they haven’t been doing this already for years with “Chicken” McNuggets!

➡ 14 Year Old Girl Trades Sex For Bacon Double Cheeseburger And Has No Regrets

➡ Roach paper art

➡ Metallica talk about how their new album art resembles a hairy cunt.

➡ Redneck sports fans gone wild

➡ “Punk” rock can be bad for you: a case of surgical emphysema from a “punk” rocker’s leather jacket – Stab wounds to the thorax are seen in the emergency department and can be caused by a variety of mechanisms. This case highlights an unusual cause of injury: a leather jacket with spikes on the back of it. This type of jacket is often worn by “punks” as a fashion statement.

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