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  • The only Rob Halford-themed, heavy metal, not-gay bar in East Berlin.
  • Thanks Carlen Altman
  • No matter where you stand on the current health care controversy, we can all agree on one thing: amateur surgery is gross.
  • Thanks Patrick Nybakken
  • Thanks Billoney
  • …but two prisoners have opened our eyes to the newest self-mutilating trend: eye tattoos that change the sclera to be blue or even red.When asked why he would do this to himself, David Boltjes (whose eyes are red) poetically remarked, “You can’t ask why…the real question is why not,” and his fellow inmate, blue-eyed Paul Inman explained that now, no one in the world would have the same color peepers as he has. Neither man would say how they managed to color their eyeballs, but both concurred it was extremely painful.
    Thanks Sarah Herse

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