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More Heavy Metal Corn!

1) Christopher Lee – Hammer horror actor turned Heavy Metal Maniac.

A music video crafted soley for the purpose of providing metal fans with a raging boner. The band members fear no bad review, for in their brave heart of hearts… they know … that if this campain fails… it was decreed by the wizard’s crimson dragon, to forever be … an epic fail. These guys shit chainmail.

Charlemagne – Christopher Lee MySpace page – 23391 friends at last count.


2) Tragedy: All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees
More irony that a Flintstone’s Vitamin.

Can you make it through the whole video?

Tragedy MySpace page – 3206 friends.


3) Metallagher – I always thought that there was not enough humor in Metal. Here is a perfect example of that.

Metallagher MySpace page – Metallagher has 1232 friends.

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