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links for 2010-12-07

  • Each day the votes are summed up by 10.30 pm. Sofia time. If the votes “guilty” prevail over the votes “innocent” Mavromatti will release an electric current of 600 000V in his body.

    The parameters of the current remain the same, but the time increases. The first day it is 1 sec.

    The release of the electrical current will be made by the artist himslef in the presence and the control of an electrician and medical doctor.

    Jail is a real threat to Mavromati's life due to the brutal informal relations between prisoners, manifested in violence against everyone who is suspected to be somehow different from the criminal majority-either by nationality, religion or political views.

  • Read the bleak recollections of photographer Joe Collier, who visited psychiatric hospital Cane Hill before it was demolished. FULL, UNSETTLING PHOTOS!
  • “He's smoking a bong in jail? In prison?" asks another man on the street. Walker posts more photos from his bunk apparently smoking a joint, holding a bottle of booze and a bag of weed with another man. "A pound of weed? Wow, bag of it. In prison?" says another man on the street. As FOX23 News continues to show folks on the street the pictures cause a lot of concern. "He has something in his hand, it looks like a knife," says one of the men on the street. It’s a shank and he’s licking it.

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