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    • WikiLeaks has never been charged with a crime, let alone indicted for one or convicted of one. A consensus of legal experts agree that prosecuting the organization or Julian Assange for any of its leaks would be difficult in the extreme.
    • The getup, packaged in a plastic bag under the label, “Party Collection,” included a black jacket with a swastika armband.
    • It’s one of those grandiose ideas that gets bandied about by Pentagon scientists and pops up in the press every few years. The “Face of Allah” weapon would beam a massive, lifelike hologram over a battlefield, projecting the image of some deity “to incite fear in soldiers on a battlefield,” according to one researcher.
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    • And almost by accident, they came across the idea behind their greatest coup: in two propaganda movies, the crew noticed people giving the finger were not censored. The crew deduced that the North Koreans didn’t know what the finger meant. In the subsequent propaganda photos of the crew, their middle fingers were firmly extended to the cameraman. When the North Koreans questioned, the crew described it as the “Hawaiian good luck sign.” The ruse went on unnoticed until October 1968, when Time magazine explained the mysterious gesture appearing in many photos as one of “obscene derisiveness and contempt.”
    • ‘Hacktivist’ group Anonymous, linked to message board 4chan, has led online assault against MasterCard and Paypal websites
    • US space agency Nasa has been left red-faced after selling off computers without ensuring that highly sensitive data had been removed.
    • Throngs of red-suited St. Nick copycats crowded San Francisco at the annual SantaCon on Saturday. Among them, in many photos of the event: a black-and-white pigtailed Santa, a vision in gray, looking as if all her color had been drained away.
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