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Sex Pistols Christmas

Yet more unearthed footage of Christmas Day 1977 Huddersfield. The Sex Pistols Christmas Party. Rare footage with a commentary from Johnny Rotten and Paul Cook. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL FROM THE SEX PISTOLS CHANNEL.
The Sex Pistols’ final UK performance was at Ivanhoes in Huddersfield on Christmas day 1977, a benefit for the families of striking firemen. Despite the band’s state of disintegration by this time, the gig was considered by some as a vindication of their anti establishment stance when they were, for once, united with what might be viewed as their true constituency, the dispossessed English working class. They played two shows, a matinee and an evening show. Tickets for the latter were furtively sold for a secret venue, announced shortly before the gig as a tactic to avoid the attentions of local councillors and the like, who had cancelled many of the Pistols’ other shows. Those waiting outside for the second show were given turkey sandwiches from the remains of the meal laid on for the strikers’ families. The atmosphere in the evening show was counter to the negative publicity that had been generated towards the band by the tabloid press; Before the show, Johnny Rotten mingled with the crowd wearing his pith helmet, and the good humour of the matinee (which was a benefit played for free) lingered on. Years later the promoter of the evening show confessed that the Pistols never cashed his cheque.

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