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Smokey Joe’s High Ride (1984)

“Smokey Joe’s High Ride… seems to originate from the early-1980s, and uses the emerging video game craze as its tool of instruction. Four kids pass time in a video arcade, debating whether or not they should get blasted before heading off to the big party, when a new game suddenly materialises before their eyes. The big shot (and driver) amongst the group decides he must try the new game, “Smokey Joe’s High Ride”, which features — surprise, surprise — four kids in a car, on their way to a party. With each successive level, the drive gets progressively more stoned, making it harder to dodge the pedestrians, trains, and oncoming vehicles. Thanks to the harsh lessons dished out by this crappy game, the gang decides they better not indulge in anything until they arrive safely at their destination.” –

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