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Fuck Right Off

  • Vanessa Hudgens met up with the FBI on Wednesday afternoon to talk about her recent batch of nude photos that leaked onto the internet and now it’s emerged that a team of hackers are behind the leaks.

    TMZ reports that the FBI are investigating the group of hackers who have hacked into a bunch of celebrities, sports stars and politicians private email accounts and mobile devices and have images and photos from each of them.

    The list of celebrities includes Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Christina Aguilera, Vanessa Hudgens, Ali Larter, Busy Philipps, Scarlett Johansson, Miley Cyrus, Emma Caulfield, Addison Timlin and Renee Olstead.

  • CNN alone will have a team of roughly 400 reporters, cameramen and crew assigned to the wedding. The network has 50 people on the ground working on the breaking news in Japan, plus others scattered in Bahrain, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. Ten cameras will be stationed around Buckingham Palace to capture the day’s money shot—the royal family assembling on the balcony as Prince William and his bride share a kiss.
  • Prosecutors say Melchert-Dinkel cruised chat rooms for depressed people, posed as a female nurse, feigned compassion, and entered fake suicide pacts or gave instructions on how they could kill themselves.

    They said Melchert-Dinkel acknowledged participating in online chats about suicide with up to 20 people and entering into fake suicide pacts with about 10 people, five of whom he believed killed themselves.

    He entered into a suicide pact with Kajouji and tried to get her to hang herself while he watched via webcam. She instead jumped into the freezing Rideau River.

  • The small gray squirrel in Bennington, Vt., has broken the peace that existed between humans and the small woodland creatures. In separate incidents, the pugnacious rodent has bitten and scratched neighbors without provocation, local station Fox 23 reported.

    “[It] just latched on to my shoulder, and I went back and it’s a gray squirrel,” victim Kevin McDonald told the TV station.

    McDonald was shoveling snow outside his home when the sneak attack began. “He was holding on. He wouldn’t let go. I was finally able to get him off, and as soon as I got him off, he just jumped right at me again.”

    The feisty critter inflicted several scratches on McDonald last week.

  • Utah police involved in a drug investigation came across human skulls and animal bones thought to be used as part of a religious shrine.

    Now investigators and attorneys are trying to decide if the animal carcasses and remains constitute religious freedom, or if it is against the law.

    The Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force served a warrant Sunday to search in Clearfield, UT, as part of an ongoing drug distribution investigation. While there, narcotics detectives discovered at least two human skulls and several hundred pounds of animal bones and flesh in a shed in the back.

  • The hardline Fars news agency illustrated its story with a photo of a flying saucer, akin to one appearing in a 1950s Hollywood B-movie, hovering over an unidentified wooded landscape.
  • When police raided a home in Luleå in northern Sweden last November they discovered a small arsenal of weapons, including a shot-gun built into a guitar.
  • It was rainy in the Middle East last summer. Like, super rainy, which is unusual for a desert. A company called Meteo Systems is boasting that they caused all that rain, using a secret weather control system based on technology first developed by Nikola Tesla in 1890.

    Although it’s all pretty hush-hush, the way Meteo Systems’ rain creation tech apparently works is by using arrays of up to twenty 30-foot metal towers shaped kinda like umbrellas to fire negatively charged ions into the atmosphere when the humidity gets above 30%. Supposedly, these ions attract dust particles, which themselves attract water molecules, and then poof, you’ve got clouds and rain. Using five different sites located near Abu Dhabi, Meteo Systems is taking credit for 52 rainstorms that occurred in the area during July and August of last year.

  • “Here’s a visualisation of time travel plots in various films and TV programs. I had a lot of fun doing this!

    It was particularly cool to highlight potential plotlines for “meta movies” where time travellers from different plots could meet and paradox it out.

    This is a straight data visualisation, rather than information design. That is, it’s not particularly useful, nor useable, nor meaningful. The inspiration was the coolness of the idea, really. I was excited to see what shape all the plots would make, and whether it could be shaped into something beautiful.

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