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Madfits Biters – Streetwear Memes ‘n Internet Appropriation – A Bootleg Of A Bootleg

I was crusin’ around LA one day ‘n saw some wheatpastes of a mighty familiar image.

Ewww, why did you havta go ‘n stretch it in photoshop…

Antisocial Biters

Thought it was just street art but it seems to be a band or a night

Madfits Bite 2


Okay, wait, now I googled ‘Alfred E Neuman Misfits Shirt‘, ‘n found a bunch of weird copies, I guess it’s bein’ assimilated by the internet ‘n mutant modern streetwear appropriation!


Boing Boing Madfits SeMeN SPeRmS

Boing Boing wrote it up in 2008 ‘n it got indexed on search engines, seems like most of the appropriated versions come from the Boing Boing picture, they have some distortion from the photos perspective, ‘n look like they were thrown into Illustrator by a savvy ‘graphic designer’ ‘n auto traced ‘n vectored at a low detail





Love Is Lame Is Lame

Love Is Lame Is Lame








This one really sucks…



Let’s take it back to the OG version in 2006 ‘n Jason Dill (plus eye buttons)


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I’m A Man, Yes I Am

Well my pad is very messy
And there’s whiskers on my chin
And I’m all hung up on music
And I always play to win
I ain’t got no time for lovin’
Cause my time is all used up
Just to sit around creatin’
All that groovy kind of stuff.
I’m a man
Yes I am
And I can’t help
But love you so
I’m a man
Yes I am
And I can’t help
But love you so.

Well if I had my choice of matter
I would rather be with cats
All engrossed in mental chatter
Moving where our minds are at
And relating to each other
Just how strong our wills can be
I’m resisting all involvement
With each groovy chick we see

Well I’m a man
Yes I am
And I can’t help
But love you so
I’m a man
Yes I am
And I can’t help
But love you so.

I got to keep my image
While suspended from a throne
That looks out upon a kingdom
Full of people all unknown
Who imagine I’m not human
And my heart is made of stone
I never had no problems
And my toilet’s trimmed with chrome

I’m a man
Yes I am
And I can’t help
But love you so.
I’m a man
Yes I am
And I can’t help
But love you so.

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Pervert Alert – A Creepy White Van With A Mattress In Back And A Sign ‘Free Candy Inside’

PROVO — Provo police are investigating a bizarre incident this week: a van parked in a residential neighborhood with a sign on it, reading: “free candy inside.”

It turns out, police believe the sign was harmless. But for neighbors who live in Provo’s Grandview neighborhood, it raised serious concerns with them that a child predator could be targeting kids on the street.

The white van was parked on a neighborhood street in front of a home. No one on the street knew who the van belonged to, and the neighbors were worried about the sign posted in the back window.

Adults looked inside and did not see any candy, but they did see a mattress and some clothes in the back of the van. Police were called to investigate.

Officers tracked down the van’s owner, who is a college age student. He told officers he put up the sign a few days ago as part of a prank with his friends.

Police credit the neighbors for watching out for their neighborhood. “With this sign possibly enticing children to a van, your worst case scenarios come to mind. So, it was good, a good example of someone in a neighborhood watching out, not only for his own family, but the whole neighborhood,” said Capt. Cliff Argyle, spokesman for the Provo Police Department.

Officers say the man was very cooperative with investigators and was actually embarrassed by what happened, so much so he drove to the police station to show officers the sign was down.

The man is apparently staying with some relatives within walking distance of the neighborhood where the van was parked and at times lives in the van.

Police say, if nothing else, this situation is a good reminder for parents to talk to their children about stranger danger.

Then I Read This:

Nude spray-on tan case gets lawmaker’s attention

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — A state lawmaker says he plans to sponsor a bill next session that would bar adult males from applying spray-on tans to female juveniles at tanning salons.

State Rep. Bruce Borders, R-Jasonville, said he was shocked by a recent case where an adult man who works at a tanning salon applied a spray-on tan on a nude 15-year-old girl.

Borders said he can’t believe there’s not a law prohibiting that type of activity.

“I think it’s important not only for the customers but for the business that no one be put in any kind of compromising position,” he said.

Borders said he, along with State Rep. Sandy Blanton, D-Orleans, will seek to introduce legislation next session putting restrictions on spray-on tanning. He said he isn’t sure what form the proposed law will take.

A Greene County woman, Brandy Holtsclaw, said she was furious when she learned her 15-year-old daughter got a spray-on tan while nude from a grown man at a Linton tanning salon.

Her daughter had forged a note from her mother. The tanning salon’s owner said that when he entered the booth to apply the tan last month, the girl had taken off all her clothes. He proceeded to apply the tan and then left her to dry.

Holtsclaw said she looked into the matter and learned that her teenage daughter did not need parental permission, nor is there any statute to prevent a juvenile from being nude inside a spray-tan booth with a male technician.

“Maybe it’s not illegal, but it should be,” Holtsclaw said.

A California woman who owns an airbrush tanning training center who heard about the Linton incident has contacted Borders, offering to write a letter in support of his legislation.

“There has been some outrage in the tanning community about this, and many people believe that the man should have taken some things into consideration before agreeing to what he did,” said Kelly Richardson of Santa Rosa, Calif.

Richardson said she would never allow a male to apply a tan to a juvenile girl. Her business also prohibits women from applying a spray-on tan to a naked man.

She said her spray-tan clients often wear a bathing suit or their underwear, but that some do want a full body tan and wear nothing.

Maybe next time this sign would do better for Creepy Van Dude:

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Colin Ferguson – The LIRR Massacre – Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

Colin Ferguson (born January 14, 1958) was convicted of murdering six people and injuring nineteen others on the Long Island Rail Road in Garden City, New York on December 7, 1993.

How they let someone this delusional act as his own lawyer, I’ll never figure.
The footage is classic!

Write to:
Attica Correctional Facility
Exchange St
Attica, New York 14011-0149

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Black Flag 1982 Demos Post-Damaged Pre-My War Pre-Slip It In 5 Piece Chuck Biscuits Era

5 piece Flag, Jesus Dez, Fresh Outta DOA Chuck Biscuits , Hungy Rollins, Weirdo Dukowski, Spazzy Feedback Drenched Ginn.
Post-Damaged pre-My War ‘n pre-Slip It In

“With their new singer, Black Flag and The Minutemen made their first tour of Europe in the Winter of 1981. During that tour, the band met punk icon Richard Hell and opened a concert for him. Rollins later published his diaries from that tour in his book Get In The Van. As the front man, Rollins was a frequent target of violent audience members, and became known for fist-fights with audience members. Rollins developed a distinct showmanship on stage, where he could entertain an audience just by talking to them.

As the band was about to return home from the European tour, UK customs detained Colombian drummer Robo due to visa problems, and he was not allowed back into the country. This would be the end of his tenure with the band (he eventually was able to get back into the United States and in 1983 would join The Misfits as their drummer). The loss of Robo temporarily put an end to extensive touring for a while. Emil Johnson of the Twisted Roots filled in for one tour, but it was clear he was only temporary.

While on that tour in Vancouver, the band found out that drummer Chuck Biscuits was leaving D.O.A.. He was quickly drafted onboard, traveling with the band for the rest of the tour (cut short because of Henry Rollins’ twisted knee) to learn the songs. This lineup recorded the later-bootlegged cassette 1982 Demos, showing the direction the band would go in for the My War LP.

However, due to personality conflicts — In Get In The Van,, Rollins described Biscuits as a “fuck up” — and the Unicorn court injunction-forced inactivity of Black Flag, Biscuits left to join their rivals The Circle Jerks. (Later, Biscuits joined ex-Misfits singer Glenn Danzig’s solo project Danzig). Black Flag eventually got Bill Stevenson of The Descendents to join permanently (he had filled in from time-to-time before). While the Unicorn Records court injunction prevented the group from releasing a new studio album, they nonetheless continued to work on new material, and embarked on a period which would mark a pronounced change in the group’s direction (and that of underground music in general).

It is possible that the violence of the previous tour had an effect on the band’s direction. The group had also become increasingly interested in music other than punk rock, such as The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and some of the members (particularly Ginn) used cannabis. (However, various members had been fans of such music long before Black Flag, with Ginn being an avid Grateful Dead fan, and Cadena a fan of Hawkwind.) Newer material (which can be heard on The 1982 Demos bootleg) was slower and less like typical punk music, with classic rock and blues influences seeping in. Cadena left to form his own band DC3. He would take some of the new songs he had written for Black Flag with him and record them for DC3’s first album.” – Wiki

Rapidshare Link

“While embroiled in a bitter lawsuit with Unicorn Records that cost a countless and overwhelming amount of hours and dollars, the label slapped an injunction against the band, preventing them from recording and releasing under the name Black Flag. Under clear threat of law, in 1982, following the release of the landmark album Damaged, Black Flag snuck into the studio to record songs that would ultimately compose both the My War, and Slip It In records. These are the only recordings the band made with possibly their strongest lineup: Henry Rollins on vocals, Greg Ginn and Dez Cadena on guitar, Chuck Dukowski on bass, and Chuck Biscuits on drums. These versions are far more vital and uncontainable than those that would ultimately end up on the official SST releases. Cadena’s visceral rhythm is the perfect counterpoint to Ginn’s damaging, stinging, cascading leads, while Biscuits’ drumming paired with Dukowski’s muscular bass is a more feral Phil Rudd-Cliff Williams combo. Though only a bootleg, this is the most visceral and brutal set of Black Flag recordings available. Also included are two songs that never made it past this demo stage: “What Can You Believe?” and the angular “Yes, I Know.” There is also the added bonus of a 1984 Radio Tokyo studio session and interview.” – AMG

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The Crimson Ghost – Origin of The Misfits Skull Logo

The Crimson Ghost(1946)

The Crimson Ghost (1946) is a Republic film serial.

“Like many Republic serials, this mystery employed yet another inscrutable invention, a counter atomic device known as Cyclotrode X, sought after by yet another cloaked villain, the eponymous Crimson Ghost.” – Wiki

First Use of Crimson Ghost – The Misfits Max’s Kansas City 28 March 1979

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Traci Lords I ♥ You

At age 15, she was living with her mother’s ex-boyfriend, Roger. Posing as her stepfather, he helped her respond to classified ads requesting models. Using a fake ID provided by Roger that stated she was 20 rather than 15, she started in the porn industry with Jim South at the World Modeling Agency in Sherman Oaks, under the name Kristie Elizabeth Nussman.

Shortly after, she was modeling for widely distributed adult magazines, most notably Penthouse, in the same September 1984 issue that exposed Miss America 1984, Vanessa Williams.
Penthouse Mag w. Traci.jpg
She quickly ventured into adult movies. Her first movie was What Gets Me Hot!, followed by Those Young Girls and Talk Dirty To Me Part III, all made in the first half of 1984. Lords’ youthful appearance and enthusiastic sexual performances propelled her to stardom.


By the time she was 18, she had appeared in 100 adult films; however, Lords argued in her autobiography Underneath It All that about 80 of those films were composed from leftover and re-edited footage from the original 20 films that were shot,

Traci Lords Devilish.jpg
Government prosecutors declared that Lords was a victim of a manipulative industry, maintaining she was drugged and made to do non-consensual acts. But industry insiders, like Ron Jeremy, Ginger Lynn and Tom Byron, say they never saw her use drugs, and that she was fully aware of her actions, even if, as a minor, she could not legally consent. One of her co-workers from that time, Christy Canyon, has gone so far as to say about Lords’ autobiography: “I think her book could have been fabulous, except that she was lying throughout the whole thing.” – Wiki
Traci Lords

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