Lockheed Martin’s Software-Defined Satellite Technology

As more commercial companies start planning to offer capabilities from space, we recognize that Lockheed Martin’s years of mission planning and command and control could be helpful. Versions of Horizon and Compass have already been used on more than 50 government, research, and commercial space missions. Both Horizon and Compass leverage a proven, modular architecture designed to be integrated and scalable to satisfy customers’ specific mission needs. They provide mission critical capability – including orbit management, autonomous operations and formation flying – for small, medium or large constellations.

Horizon™ Command & Control (C2)

Horizon is an extensible command and control jump-start kit taking advantage of the flexibility and scalability afforded by its modular architecture designed to be integrated and extended by the customer to satisfy mission needs. Combining Lockheed Martin's rich Horizon legacy on US Government, research, and commercial systems missions, and an open-source to enterprise architecture, Horizon delivers mission critical capability at value-based pricing for small, medium, and large satellite constellations.

Cloud Enabled

  • Containerized executables
  • Continuous deployment
  • Elastic scaling

Flexible Architecture

  • Build on XTCE & CCSDS C2 and telemetry standards
  • Extendable to any satellite bus
  • Adaptable to any Mission Planner
  • Python based scripting support

Lights-Out Operations

  • Semi-to-full autonomous operations mode
  • Operator on-the-loop notifications

Compass™ Mission Planning Software

Compass is modularized, microservices software built to solve various satellite bus, payload and communication mission planning problems. These extensible components leverage a modular architecture designed to be integrated and extended by the customer to satisfy mission needs, creating a cloud-native, mission-adaptable, data-driven planning tool suite. Compass applications are scalable, both out to hundreds of cores on a commercial cloud and down to running on-board hosted as a mission application. Plugins provide interfaces supporting the GMSEC and OMS/UCI standards, as well as being extendable to custom Interface Control Documents.

Core Components

Out of the Box constellation-focused mission planning provides pick-and-choose extensible, reusable core components.  Role-based criteria authentication for plan and user management.

Mission Components

Easy to configure mission data that can be tailored and adapted to any mission profile.  Acts as the extension point from Core Components to allow for augmentation and specific, complex CONOPS.


Generic components supporting a wide variety of mission workflows. Includes plan and user role management. Multiple deployment options and Cloud provider agnostic keeps costs low and shortens deployment time.  Includes database, messaging, and logging.


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