Next Generation Interceptor (NGI)

Lockheed Martin, through its Next Generation Interceptor program, is working with three small businesses to strengthen the defense industrial base as part of the Department of Defense Mentor-Protégé Program.

At Lockheed Martin, we understand our customers' challenges and are developing advanced capabilities and platforms to help deter, fight and win in increasingly contested environments—when every second counts.

With the Next Generation Interceptor (NGI), our mission is to protect the homeland with a modern, never-fail weapon system against increasing and evolving ballistic missile threats. NGI is a first line of defense, tip-to-tail interceptor development within the Missile Defense Agency’s Ground-based Midcourse Defense system. In developing this revolutionary system, Lockheed Martin is breathing life into our bold vision, infusing the expertise of a skilled and diverse workforce, and incorporating innovative digital technologies and techniques. Alongside a team of industry partners, to include numerous small businesses, our experts are designing and developing the most advanced hit-to-kill technology to provide a superior interceptor to the warfighters whose mission is to defend our homeland against evolving threats.

Lockheed Martin is applying cutting-edge digital transformation into the core of our NGI program. Using digital engineering and model-based engineering tools, agile practices, and open architectures, we are able to leverage data as a strategic asset. A Digital Twin of each interceptor gives us critical data unique to each round, helping us model performance and assess readiness for the warfighter. These tools enabled a modernized approach to Lockheed Martin’s NGI System Requirements Review (SRR), which the U.S. Missile Defense Agency approved six months after the initial development and demonstration contract award. Digital tools continue to inform our work to drive faster deliveries and provide agile responsiveness, engineering rigor, and data-driven insights for our customers.

Lockheed Martin is a dedicated partner to MDA and DoD, investing now for the future of NGI to increase warfighter capability.  Lockheed Martin’s revolutionary NGI design is the future of homeland missile defense. We know speed of innovation and relevance matter in detering threats sooner and prevailing when necessary—always ready for what's ahead and prepared to succeed for decades to come.

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