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Black Flag Live @ Ukrainian Hall Hollywood Los Angeles CA, 12/10/82

Setlist: 1) What Can You Believe 2) Slip It In 3) My War 4) I’ve Heard It Before 5) Depression 6) Modern Man 7) Nervous Breakdown 8) I’ve Had It 9) Beat My Head Against The Wall 10) Scream 11) I Love You 12) No Values 13) Jealous Again 14) Nothing Left Inside 15) Six Pack 16) My Rules 17) Fix Me 18) Police Story 19) Revenge 20) Thirsty And Miserable 21) Can’t Decide 22) Wasted 23) Louie Louie 24) Damaged I 25) No More 26) Black Coffee 27) Rise Above 28) TV Party

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BLACK FLAG Everything Went Black Reunion Show 6/11/83 Henry, Dez, & Ron Reyes Vocals

BLACK FLAG Live at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in Santa Monica, California June 11, 1983

All four of Black Flag’s vocalists performed at this show each performing their own set.

This is the only fourteen minutes of video footage that is known to exist from this show. Enjoy!

Lineup featured in Part 1:
Vocals: Henry Rollins
Guitar: Greg Ginn
Guitar: Dez Cadena
Bass: Chuck Dukowski
Drums: Chuck Biscuits

I’ve Heard It Before
Dukowski’s Bass Solo

Lineup featured in Part 2:
Vocals 1st set: Ron Reyes
Vocals 2nd set: Dez Cadena
Guitar: Greg Ginn
Bass: Chuck Dukowski
Drums: might be Bill Stevenson (can’t tell)

Ron Reyes:
White Minority
No Values
Jealous Again

Dez Cadena:
American Waste
Room 13
Thirsty and Miserable


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