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GODFLESH First EP (1988)

Godflesh is the eponymous first release by the influential industrial metal band. It was originally released in 1988 through Swordfish Records, and was later reissued by Earache Records with two additional tracks.

Sometimes overshadowed by the impact of the follow-up Streetcleaner album, the self-titled EP is possibly just as influential and important a release in the industrial metal field, if not even more so; highly regarded for its originality and innovative lo-fi production-based progression of sounds pioneered by the likes of the Swans and Throbbing Gristle through very heavy discordant guitars and bass, brutal drum machines and Broadrick’s bile-filled vocal delivery.

Musically, the album’s generally slow and extremely heavy riffs are virtually a polar opposite to Broadrick’s fast-paced work with Napalm Death on their genre-defining grindcore debut, Scum.

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Bruce Bickford Phantasmagoric Stop Motion Clay Animation Hallucinations

Bruce Bickford (born Seattle, 1947) is a maker of animated films who works primarily in clay animation. From 1974 to 1980 he collaborated with Frank Zappa. Bickford’s animation was featured extensively in the Frank Zappa videos Baby Snakes and Dub Room Special. Zappa also released a video titled The Amazing Mr. Bickford, which was entirely composed of Bickford animations set to a soundtrack of Zappa’s orchestral music.

Bickford’s animations depict surreal scenes based on his unique worldview. Often outwardly seeming to be somewhat disconnected from the world around him, Bruce Bickford’s work is extremely subjective in its content and concepts, making for some disturbing and shocking imagery. Much of his video work depicted fast-moving, fluid-like transformations of human figures and disfigured faces into odd beasts on surreal structural settings with impressive camera effects (moving around within his stop-motion animation).


Bruce Bickford

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