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Cannibal Ferox (1981) aka Make Them Die Slowly Friday Midnight Movie

Cannibal Ferox, also known as Make Them Die Slowly, is a 1981 Italian exploitation film written and directed by Umberto Lenzi. Upon its release, the film made claims to being “The most violent film ever made“. Claims were also made in promotional material that Cannibal Ferox was banned in 31 countries, though the official list of countries that have banned it has never been released.


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The Wild Beasts (1984) PCP Gets Into The Water At The Zoo ‘N The Dusted Animals Go Wild

When PCP gets into the water supply of a large zoo in Frankfurt, Germany, it soon becomes blood and gore galore as the zoo animals go crazy, break out of their cages, and go on a homicidal, nigh time rampage through the city killing any person they see starting with sewer rats killing a number of strangers, then tigers, cheetahs, lions and even elephants join in the killing spree. Zoo veterinarian Rupert Berner, his scientist girlfriend Laura, along with a local police officer, Inspector Braun, try to find a way to control the murderous animals and stop them before they decimate the entire city in this “nature strikes back” horror film.

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