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Jac Mac & Rad Boy GO! (1985) Wild 80’s Animated Short

I first saw this on the USA network late night video show Night Flight back in ’85. I have it recorded on an old Beta tape that I still have stashed in the closet. One of those things that you remember one day ‘n think ‘I wonder if I can find that on YouTube?’ Thanks internet! A real bug out, especially for the time. Directed by Wesley Archer, who says it was inspired by the Skank, Arms, & Bud comic by John Holmstrom, Peter Bagge, and J.D. King from Weirdo #3. According to this site it was ‘included in the Outrageous Animation movie in 1988, licensed for use in Back to the Future Part 2 in 1989, and finally leased to Liquid Television in 1992.’

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