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When Bands Attack!

I love it when bands incite their entire audience to attack one of their fans!

Kiss Yells at Guy with Laser Pointer

“Hey you, asshole with the lazer… come here you schmuck!”
Check out Ace doing his Bigfoot impersonation as he strolls back and forth!

Dave Mustaine vs the Lazer

“Why don’t you be cool, so the people around you don’t beat your fucking brains in”

Blaze Gets Pissed

I fookin’ told you… can you see him? Fookin kill him!Kill him!Fuck off you fuckin’ motherfucker… I’ll fookin kill yoo!”

Bruce Dickenson pissed

“If you see somebody throwing some shit at this band, and they raise their arm, make sure that when it goes down it’s in two fucking pieces for me, will’ya?”

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SeMeN on Nylon Magazine TV

Hi haters, I’m a shameless digital media whore/microcelebrity.
Check out my soundbite, ‘Art [sic] Basil’

What an awesome freeze frame…We You Cory!

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SeMeN SPeRmS x Missbehave x Holidaze x Booze

Thursday December 18th
Missbehave Magazine

Let The Good Times Roll

7:30-11 PM

K&M Bar

225 N 8th St Roebling

Williamsburg, Brooklyn


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