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Only Users Lose Drugs

    • Urban sprawl, pollution, over-consumption, deforestation…like it or not, U.S. taxpayers are still paying for all of these things to occur in America and beyond. Despite recent investments in green jobs and technology, an array of government subsidies pay big dirty industries like oil, coal and factory farms to destroy the environment in every way possible while greener, healthier industries like solar power and vegetable farms get a pittance.
    • Low Clearance can be a real challenge for a truck driver. Especially inexperienced drivers of rental boxtrucks seem to be quite oblivious to the warning signs and flashing “overheight” warning lights at this railroad trestle in Durham, NC. So frequently do trucks crash into the 11-foot-8 clearance trestle, that the railroad company installed a crash beam in front of it. This massive steel I-beam bears the brunt of the impact, protecting the structure that supports this fairly busy railroad track. Believe it or not – they already had to replace the beam once! The videos of these crashes document the severity of the impact, and they show how frequently these crashes produce a real hazard for pedestrians and other vehicles.
    • THERE IS perhaps no other political-military elite in the world whose aspirations for great-power regional status, whose desire to overextend and outmatch itself with meager resources, so outstrips reality as that of Pakistan. If it did not have such dire consequences for 170 million Pakistanis and nearly 2 billion people living in South Asia, this magical thinking would be amusing. This is a country that sadly appears on every failing-state list and still wants to increase its arsenal from around 60 atomic weapons to well over 100 by buying two new nuclear reactors from China. This is a country isolated and friendless in its own region, facing unprecedented homegrown terrorism from extremists its army once trained, yet it pursues a “forward policy” in Afghanistan to ensure a pro-Pakistan government in Kabul as soon as the Americans leave.
    • The humans-as-food determination negates other possibilities, such as cannibalism for ritual’s sake, or cannibalism due to starvation. In this oldest known case of humans eating humans, other food was available to the diners, but human flesh was just part of their meat mix.
      Thanks Patrick Nybakken
    • The implications of accidental disclosure of a person’s location are significant. This is especially true for those in physically threatening situations, including domestic abuse victims and those with sensitive occupations. EPIC has created this page to explain the default settings as well as provide instructions for how to effectively disable this sharing of information.
    • In the days after the levees broke, corporate media outlets were abuzz with stories of looting, rampant murder, snipers shooting at doctors and rescue helicopters, even the raping of babies at the Superdome stories backed by the local police chief and mayor . But a month later, the New Orleans Times-Picayune revealed 8/26/05 that most of the worst crimes reported at the time never happened -no babies raped, no snipers, and only four CONFIRMed murders in the entire week following the hurricane, a pretty typical week for New Orleans. The New York Times four days later 8/29/05 reported six or seven CONFIRMed homicides. And while looting did occur, much of it was for survival in a city where no help-no food, no water-arrived for days.
    • May 1953 issue of Tomb of Terror #9
    • U-Boats Sank Dozens of Ships in U.S. Waters. On Jan. 14, 1942, an oil tanker bound for Great Britain was sunk by U-123 within sight of Long Island. Four days later, two more tankers sank in the same area. The next day, a pair of steamships went down. On Jan. 22, a freighter was sunk off Cape Hatteras, N.C. By the end of the month, German subs had sent 14 ships to the ocean floor along the eastern seaboard of the U.S.
    • “Gulf Coast fishermen do not want to sell tainted seafood but are being forced, by the premature opening of inland and gulf waters to commercial fishing, to choose between a clean gulf or their livelihood,” according to a press release announcing the event. “Fishermen would rather work cleaning the severely damaged gulf than selling tainted seafood.”
    • In 1700, the French Academy of Sciences reviewed the “facts” behind a reported case of male pregnancy. After a young man held himself back during sex, he felt that familiar soreness. But he didn’t expect that, a few days later, one of his testicles started to swell. Flash forward six months, his testicle had grown to the size a “turkey’s egg” — which, if you’re curious, is pretty darn big.

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    Teen Sexting Turns To Sextortion

      • The nightmare began with a party: three teenage girls with a webcam, visiting an Internet chatroom and yielding to requests to flash their breasts. A week later, one of the girls, a 17-year-old from Indiana, started getting threatening e-mails. A stranger said he had captured her image on the webcam and would post the pictures to her MySpace friends unless she posed for more explicit pictures and videos for him. On at least two occasions, the teen did what her blackmailer demanded. Finally, police and federal authorities became involved and indicted a 19-year-old Maryland man in June on charges of sexual exploitation.
      • One of Germany’s biggest pop stars has admitted she’s no angel. Nadja Benaissa, of the best-selling girl group No Angels, told a German court on Monday that she knowingly exposed multiple men to the HIV virus without telling them she was a carrier. Benaissa, 28, is on trial this week, accused of “grievous bodily harm and attempted aggravated assault,”
      • Then, guns drawn, four officers fanned out across Rawesome Foods in Venice. Skirting past the arugula and peering under crates of zucchini, they found the raid’s target inside a walk-in refrigerator: unmarked jugs of raw milk.
      • More than a dozen of the church’s worst sex abuse scandals of the past 30 years.
      • “Seeing a cop down was hysterical to them. They thought it was the funniest thing they ever saw,” said Trooper Cliff Pratt, State Patrol spokesman. “They didn’t know whether he was going to live or die and they didn’t care. That’s what makes it so hard to swallow.”
      • “I went onstage and immediately, before I even got on stage, dudes were throwing huge stone rocks in my face, beer bottles that slit my eye open, almost burnt my hair … cuz they threw fire crackers on stage,” she wrote.

        The witness, who was standing in the rear of the stage, said the crowd of about 2,000 was immediately angry toward Tequila and she was unable to turn them around.

        “She was taunting them,” he said. “She didn’t know how to handle them. She didn’t understand the dynamic.”

        The rocks and bottles flew harder and faster when Tequila bared her breasts, he said.

        “She took her top off and they got really violent,” he said.

        Tequila continued to perform even after her face started bleeding, he said. “She was holding a towel to her head, blood pouring down her face,” he said.

      • Have this generation’s crop of hippy-dippy indie artists found a new drug to match their music? Devendra Banhart, the Bees and Klaxons have in recent weeks namechecked ayahuasca, a so-called “plant medicine” taken in the Peruvian rainforest over intense 10-day periods. Klaxons’ Jamie Reynolds even went so far as to cite the experience as a key factor in helping his band finally follow up their debut album. But before you rush out to guzzle down this herbal brew, it’s perhaps best to know what you’re letting yourself in for.
      • You can infuse flavors into liquor (and water based things, too) almost instantly with nothing more than an ISI whipped cream maker. You can use seeds, herbs, spiced, fruits, cocoa nibs, etc.
      • O.K., so you found some weed in your teen-agers room. Depending on the kind of parent you are, your reaction to that can range from mild amusement to thermonuclear. But assuming you are not going to smoke the stuff yourself, you are confronted with making some decisions on what to do about it. Perhaps you think it is time to call a counselor, or maybe even the thought of a treatment center for young people with drug problems crosses your mind. As someone who worked in the chemical dependency treatment field for two decades, and who wrote and directed several treatment programs, let me make a suggestion about that. Don’t. Don’t even think about it.

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      Gary Busey Snorted Cocaine Off His Dog

      • “I went in like a cropduster with my nose flying first and snorted the cocaine off the dog.”
        Thanks Baller.
      • Exploring the world’s deepest caves is often described as the subterranean equivalent of climbing the highest mountains. It’s an apt comparison,as there are more than a few similarities between speleological expeditions and high altitude mountaineering. Both typically require vertical climbing, for instance, and both manifest the ever-present threat of falling to one’s death, being crushed by rock (or ice),or getting swept away by a flash flood (or avalanche). But if anything, venturing deep below the earth’s surface is even more stressful, because caves are invariably dark, wet, and drafty (imagine being sequestered in a pitch-black room, soaking wet, with an air-conditioner blowing on you, for days or weeks at a time), and often deafeningly loud (imagine the sound of a thundering waterfall confined to an enclosed space). Never mind the often unseen threats—rabid bats,venomous snakes,fist-sized spiders,and microbes that cause horrific afflictions like histoplasmosis and leishmaniasis.
      • From this microbial soup, fibers begin to sprout and propagate, eventually resulting in thin, wet sheets of bacterial cellulose that can be molded to a dress form. As the sheets dry out, overlapping edges “felt” together to become fused seams. When all moisture has evaporated, the fibers develop a tight-knit, papyrus-like surface that can be bleached or stained with fruit and vegetable dyes such as turmeric, indigo, and beetroot.
      • Although the scientists only tested the visual attractiveness of the moustache, they strongly suspect it also has a tactile function. “This is based on the general observation that males will touch the female’s genital region with their mouth prior to mating,” Prof Schlupp told the BBC. This behaviour is known as ‘nipping’ and is being investigated further by the scientists. But they think that the females can acquire information about the males this way. In short, rubbing his moustache against a female’s genitals may be a way for a male Mexican molly to advertise his attractiveness.

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      SeMeN SPeRmS Links o’ Death Archive 2

      Inside the Army‚ Far-Out Acid Tests
      “Ketchum estimated that the barrel contained at thirty to forty pounds of the drug, a few hundred million doses and with a street value of something like a billion dollars. The sort of amount the CIA had been after.”
      LEAP – Law Enforcement Against Prohibition – Cops Say Legalize Drugs
      Earth’s Brain, Akashic Records and Paranormal Imprints
      “All recent computer-simulations of the early universe have one prediction in common: the first large-scale structures to form in the young universe are long filaments connected at their ends in ‘nodes’. The models typically look like a three-dimensional spider’s web, and resemble the neural structure of a brain.”
      Art Basel Miami 2009 | Aurel Schmidt Video
      My pal Crystal Moselle directed this.
      25 Things You Might Not Know About Water
      Worldwide, big investors like T. Boone Pickens are buying up water rights like they have bought up oil. Some have predicted that the next wars will be over water.
      U.S. Tap Water Quality Database
      Sewers at Capacity, Pollution Spills Into Waterways
      Our tap water is fulla SHIT!
      Health Risks of Reading on Toilet
      Does reading on the crapper contribute to hemorrhoid growth?
      Britain is ‘designer drugs’ capital of Europe, says EU agency
      Paul Griffiths, of the European drugs agency, said that Spice contained a new compound, JWH-018, which was the first synthetic cannabinoid – the active ingredient in marijuana – and which was very potent even at low doses. In the face of the growing crackdown on Spice, research chemists have already developed a range of nine other cannabis-like drugs that would not be covered by the ban.
      The Unravelling of the Real 3D Mandelbrot Fractal
      How to Insert a Tampon
      Amazing Trick With Mouth
      Johnny Rotten on Juke Box Jury BBC 70’s
      Ice Cube – No Vaseline (N.W.A Diss)
      La Lenguota
      Magnetic food: Metal Bits in YOUR Cereal! Yummy!
      GA jail goes pink
      The Sheriff is painting the entire jail bright pink.
      Pure Pepto Bismol Pink will cover every wall inside the jail.
      “We are also going to have pink shower shoes, pink wash clothes, pink towels, pink sheets and pink blankets,”
      When the CIA tried its hand at magic
      If Marijuana Production Were Legal: Projected Tax Revenues, by State
      ‘Twilight’ Connection in Big Heroin Bust
      Here’s the kind of “Twilight” merchandise you really don’t want your kids getting their hands on — baggies of heroin with a cartoon of Rob Pattinson’s face printed on them.
      Adam Lambert – Iron Maiden Eddie Swastika Denim Jacket
      Heavy Metal Nazi Jew Fag Amerikkkan Idol
      Doctors recommend medical marjiuana for minors with ADHD in California
      Bringing Down the Curtain on New York’s Roll-Down Gates
      New York City’s storefront gates, like its fire escapes and stoops, are there but not quite there: the unnoticed wallpaper of New York at night. They have been battered by vandals and defaced by graffiti taggers. They have secured diamonds, handmade tortellini and other valuable commodities. They have provided the clattering soundtrack of dawn and dusk, the steel canvas of struggling artists, the most compelling evidence that the city does, indeed, sleep.
      And now, on orders of the City Council, roll-down gates have joined the ranks of fatty foods and cigarette smoke: they have been legislated against, some right into extinction.
      Pill Reports – Obama Ecstasy Test Results
      Obama LSD Blotter!
      Abundant Waste: The Gleaner’s Role & Tips for Dumpster Diving
      Obama Ecstasy pills hit the streets
      8 Million Reasons for Real Surveillance Oversight
      Sprint Nextel provided law enforcement agencies with its customers’ (GPS) location information over 8 million times between September 2008 and October 2009. This massive disclosure of sensitive customer information was made possible due to the roll-out by Sprint of a new, special web portal for law enforcement officers.The evidence documenting this surveillance program comes in the form of an audio recording of Sprint’s Manager of Electronic Surveillance, who described it during a panel discussion at a wiretapping and interception industry conference, held in Washington DC in October of 2009.

      It is unclear if Federal law enforcement agencies’ extensive collection of geolocation data should have been disclosed to Congress pursuant to a 1999 law that requires the publication of certain surveillance statistics — since the Department of Justice simply ignores the law, and has not provided the legally mandated reports to Congress since 2004.

      Wearing The Hair Of The Dog. Portraits Of People In Clothes Made From Their Pets’ Fur.
      Nothing Says I Love You Like Dead Tree Rat
      A pair of genuine taxidermy squirrel feet earrings
      Fixed – Fawn – Steampunk Taxidermy
      LOVED TO DEATH Taxidermy Jewelry Genuine Bird Head by lovedtodeath
      Syd Barrett’s Shed on eBay
      This shed is from the garden of the house Syd Barrett spent the last 30-odd years of his life living in. It has been painted oxblood and cream inside by Syd and contains furniture he built and painted himself; a press with two opening doors, a hose reel, a shelf and several other adaptations, the most curious of which is a device for retrieving his house keys even when he had also misplaced the key of the shed. The door of the shed seems also to have been made or at least fitted by Syd, and it is painted green with the hinges picked out in a chalk blue colour (a style favoured by Syd). Some planks have been replaced with fence shiplap at the far end.
      The Sinners of Hell aka Jigoku 1960 horror movie
      1960 Japan The story tells of a young theology student who flees a hit-and-run accident, he is plagued by both his own guilt-ridden conscience and a mysterious, diabolical doppelg√§nger represented by Tamura, who appears to know everyone’s darkest secrets.Eventually more deaths seem to occur around him, including his own which sends him plummeting into Hell.

      Marilyn Monroe Smokes Pot THE VIDEO!
      Yahoo, Verizon: Our Spy Capabilities Would ‘Shock’, ‘Confuse’ Consumers
      Want to know how much phone companies and internet service providers charge to funnel your private communications or records to U.S. law enforcement and spy agencies?That’s the question muckraker and Indiana University graduate student Christopher Soghoian asked all agencies within the Department of Justice, under a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed a few months ago. But before the agencies could provide the data, Verizon and Yahoo intervened and filed an objection on grounds that, among other things, they would be ridiculed and publicly shamed were their surveillance price sheets made public.

      I Gotta Go!
      Potty Trainin’ was never this FUN!
      How you are goin’ to die.
      “While you may be worried of catching of an obscure disease you heard about on the news, the truth is that we are far more likely to die of a small range of illnesses…”
      Is long-term solitary confinement torture?
      The United States holds tens of thousands of inmates in long-term solitary confinement. Is this torture?
      Mickey Rourke Raps Over Game’s Closing Credits – Rogue warrior
      UK jails schizophrenic for refusal to decrypt files
      Terror squad arrest over model rocket
      Blackout Crew – Dialled
      Put a Donk on yer ringtone!
      Blackout Crew – Rumper Pumper
      Oh my…. the Blackout Crew are back, with a special guest appearance from Willy Donka…
      Bizzy Bone Gets $35k of Bling Jacked – Robber Gets 12 Years In Prison
      A Look At Hip Hop’s Most Outstanding Tattoo’s
      The Cyberwar Plan
      It’s not just a defensive game; cyber-security includes attack plans too, and the U.S. has already used some of them successfully.
      Generation XXX: The Taste Below the Waist
      Economy Is Forcing Young Adults Back Home in Big Numbers, Survey Finds
      For more young adults, there is no place like home for the holidays, and for the rest of the year, too. Ten percent of adults younger than 35 told the Pew Research Center that they had moved back in with their parents because of the recession.
      Scaredy-cat tigers
      Zoo-keepers in China say their tigers have grown so tame that they’re frightened of the chickens they’re supposed to eat.
      Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them
      Hipster Grifter Freed — Now What?
      The Defecator: ‘Shitty’ Street Art
      Big Hot Dog is a 7 Lbs. Weiner
      What Do Levi Johnston, Evangelicals and Oprah Have in Common? They All Blind Us to What Really Matters
      Celebrity worship has banished the real from public discourse.
      Burn, Santa, Burn!!
      The Feds Are Addicted to Pot — Even If You Aren’t
      e government keeps pushing the BS that pot is addictive and has serious health consequences. And no wonder — lying about pot is a lucrative business.
      2 busted for threatening YouTube rap
      Investigators said the rap video featuring Mathew Rufino, 24, of New Bedford and Jason Foley, 28, of nearby Fairhaven would have been protected free speech if it had simply been aimed at police, The Boston Globe said. But throwing in specific names along with footage of a gun and noises of a firearm discharging elevated it to a potential crime.
      Blind man fitted with ‘bionic’ eye sees for first time in 30 years
      2009 Cannabis Cup Winners
      Cannabis Cup
      1. Super Lemon Haze – Green House
      2. Vanilla Kush – Barney’s
      3. Headband Kush – Green Place
      Indica Cup
      1. Starbud – Hortilab Seed Company
      2. OG18 – Reserva Privada
      3. Kush D – Allstar Genetics

      Sativa Cup
      1. Saris Hilton – Harvestman Seed Company
      2. Super Lemon Haze – Green House Seed Co.
      3. The Purps – BC Bud Depot

      A LEGAL drug known as ‘meow meow’ led one lad to rip off his own SCROTUM, police said today.
      My tattoos are breast
      A BOOB crazy man loves nipples so much that he has had them tattooed on his BUM.
      Goth robber jailed for bizarre Eastbourne bank job
      Frater Osiris Xnoubis was dressed from head to foot in black leather when he carried out the bizarre robbery.
      The 50 most interesting articles on Wikipedia
      Are You Brave Enough to Say No to a High-Stress Holiday?
      The problem with Christmas is that no one much likes it anymore.
      Ice T’s Wife Coco POV
      Epic billboard fail
      Beyonce Stage Dives/Crowd Surfs at London Concert
      Woah, Sasha Fierce! Stage divin’ now officially mainstream, as if that car commercial, where the car crowd surfs, didn’t kill it.
      Bang Your Head or I’ll Rip It Off!: Heavy Metal Gangs of Wadeye
      I felt acid melting my face away and wanted to die. Now I’ll show the world this evil rapist didn’t win | Acid attack victim Katie Piper
      Thanks Billoney
      Timelapse of swarming monster worms and sea stars eatin’ a baby seal
      Man acquitted of spitting on police burger
      Egads! Confidential 9/11 Pager Messages Disclosed
      Binaural beats
      Binaural beats or binaural tones are auditory processing artifacts, or apparent sounds, the perception of which arises in the brain independent of physical stimuli. This effect was discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove.
      End ‘medical’ sham and just legalize marijuana
      The Case Against DMT Elves : James Kent
      Tryptamine Hallucinogens and Consciousness by Terence McKenna
      The Search for the Killer Painkiller
      Herd behavior
      Muni rider: Tooth bandit followed her off bus
      The next thing Aronson recalls is being on her knees outside the bus, bleeding profusely from her torn lip – with her two upper front teeth missing.
      Police: Vermont man stole bus, posted video of it
      “It’s not every day that someone documents their crime and posts it on YouTube,” said prosecutor Todd Shove.
      Dude Drives $1.6 Million Bugatti Veyron Sports Cars Into Salt Water Marsh
      Lion opens family’s car door with his teeth
      In the comfort and security of their car, a family thought there was nothing to worry about as they drove through a South African safari park – until a lion calmly opened their back door with his teeth.
      Ohio 8th-grader suspended for wild Bengals haircut
      CA man allegedly paid teens to spit in his face
      A 39-year-old Southern California man has been arrested for misdemeanor child annoyance after allegedly paying a teenager $31 to spit in his face.
      Assembling a hydro hut, buying a gun safe, cleaning up after neighborhood dogs—the ABC’s of opening a pot franchise
      Statewide survey shows “ball tapping” problem widespread
      “Ball tapping” is the act of intentionally hitting or kicking a male in the genitals.
      Cooking Eggs or Popcorn with Cell Phones
      Pop Corn With Your Cell Phone — Hoax or Real?
      Can you use cell phones to make popcorn? Sure — if you believe the three vids below.
      Med Grow Cannabis College
      Detroit’s Med Grow Cannabis College offers course in growing marijuana
      Interview with Dr. Alexander Shulgin
      Dr. Alexander Shulgin is a noted chemist who has been studying the chemistry and effects of the psychedelics for over 30 years. He is probably most widely known for his book ‘PiHKAL: A Chemical Love Story’ (Phenethylamines I Have Known and Loved). He is also the discoverer of DOM (at one time known as “STP”), MMDA (not MDMA) and many other psychedelics, and was indirectly responsible for the introduction of MDMA to psychotherapy in the late ’70s.
      PiHKAL Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved: A Chemical Love Story By Alexander and Ann Shulgin
      Dr. Ecstasy
      ”At the beginning of the 20th century, there were only two psychedelic compounds known to Western science: cannabis and mescaline. A little over 50 years later — with LSD, psilocybin, psilocin, TMA, several compounds based on DMT and various other isomers — the number was up to almost 20. By 2000, there were well over 200. So you see, the growth is exponential.” When I asked him whether that meant that by 2050 we’ll be up to 2,000, he smiled and said, ”The way it’s building up now, we may have well over that number.”
      Simon Reynolds’s Notes on the noughties: When will hip-hop hurry up and die?
      Cocaine Blues
      Gucci Mane Sentenced To 12 Months In Jail
      A. Rappers Are Stupid
      B. The Man Be Haters
      C. All Of The Above
      Rapper Sentenced To Two Years For Song About Killing Cops
      Johnson put it up on his MySpace page, and authorities stumbled across it while looking for gang-related activity on MySpace. The song was never played on the radio.
      Look At This Fucking Juggalo
      Clown Make Up & Rape. Thanks Patrick Nybakken
      Fleet’s Appreciation – Black people can be emo, too!
      “Despite the fact that I’m a cool as nigga there is a darkside. If you watch my twisted videos you will see that darkside; I’m an angry bitter lil piece of shit and I know it. Porn and Hate are the only things that make me happy. Fuck my piece of shit life. And if you ingorant motha fuckas don’t like me kiss my ass. If you post up some disrespectful shit about me your bitch ass will be blocked. I’m not goin to prison cuz of sum youtube war so don’t look for me to argue with you. I MOTHA FUCKIN HATE MY FUCKIN LIFE.” Thanks 247jerkoff
      Cannibal Corpse – Corpsegrinder talks bout World of Warcraft
      Sorry I Missed Your Party
      Pictures of other people’s parties from Flickr.
      The Economics of Pinball
      Life is Good – Stellar Kart Official Video
      Can I get a Emo Christian Sidehug?
      BrokeNCYDE’s Crunk Kids Photo Album
      Make me Emo: Zac Efron
      BrokeNCYDE – bree bree
      First-ever marriage between man and videogame character in Japan: Nintendo DS “Love Plus”
      Japan is so progressive, and to think, over here in the US people bitch about gays gettin’ hitched!
      $3 Million Coke bust at Brooklyn hipster drug den
      “The suspects also gave Weinstein a weird vibe when they moved in sometime last year. He said that they didn‚Äôt fit the usual block demographic of young, affluent artists who used to dwell in the building. ‚ÄúThey looked like rock world hipsters, but older,‚Äù Weinstein recalled.
      7th Grader Suspended For Wearing Skinny Jeans
      ‘When he sat down, Seth’s pants were disrupting.’
      PornFail – NSFW Jerks!
      Greetings From Guantanamo Bay
      I Have a Bad Case of Diarrhea
      Why Must I Cry?
      This music video is about a man whom befriended a fatherless ghetto boy. The boy stole from him time and time again. This video also speaks of a man who fathered twins with a woman he felt no love for. This song is highly emotional and it’s not about how well the singer is it’s about expression of hard times.
      Natalia Eats A Banana
      Eames-Inspired Prosthetic Leg
      Death by Wifi? Wireless Medication Implant Could Get Hacked
      Epson’s tiny GPS receiver will make everything location aware
      Between this, Google Latitude, and the ever expanding lineup of Skyhook positioning devices, you can kiss your location anonymity goodbye.
      Pepsi Logo Design Brief: Branding Lunacy to the Max
      Pancock – NSFW
      Beyonce Panty Upskirt
      Courtney Love Topless
      Desire Drug May Prove Sex Really Is All in Her Head
      Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH is banking on sex really being all in women’s heads. The German drugmaker is putting the finishing touches on a pill designed to reawaken desire by blunting female inhibitions. Unlike Viagra, which targets the mechanics of sex by boosting blood flow to the penis, this drug works on the brain.
      When Sex Hurts, and No One Can Tell You Why: The Mysterious Condition Called Vulvodynia
      Loosely defined as chronic vulvar pain, vulvodynia is characterized by burning, stinging pain in the vuvla, sometimes called the “lips” that surround the opening to the vagina. Vulvodynia is often mistaken for yeast or bacterial infections or as a sexually transmitted infection or disease.
      Rabbi ‘offered cocaine for sex’
      During his final police interview, Chalomish told officers he bought large quantities of cocaine for himself and often used it when he could not sleep, the jury heard. Mr Goldwater said the prosecution did not exclude the possibility that there might be some truth in what Mr Abbas told the police. “That some of the drugs were given to young women who came to the flat and that one or more of those young women may have provided sexual services,” he added.
      ‘Our unborn baby looks like Michael Jackson!’
      Looks more like the Crimson Ghost
      Verona NJ teen sentenced to year in prison for online attack of Scientology
      The War on Soy: Why the ‘Miracle Food’ May Be a Health Risk and Environmental Nightmare
      Word “Canadian” So “Reviled in Some Places” that Visiting Canucks Say They’re Americans
      Cigarettes harbor many pathogenic bacteria
      Cigarettes are “widely contaminated” with bacteria, including some known to cause disease in people, concludes a new international study conducted by a University of Maryland environmental health researcher and microbial ecologists at the Ecole Centrale de Lyon in France.
      GLOW Show 100 Opening Rap – Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling
      Thanks Ashirm Zorabbim
      The Baloney Detection Kit
      inedia – breatharianism
      Inedia is the alleged ability to live without food. Some inediates become breatharians, like the stigmatic Therese Neumann (1898-1962) of Bavaria, who said “one can live on the Holy Breath alone.” She claims to have done this from 1926-1962, during which time she says she only consumed her daily serving of transubstantiated bread.
      What’s the harm in astrology?
      Mind Control: America’s Secret War
      10 Famous Men With Only One Ball
      Succu Dry Vampire Fleshlight
      Woman blasts off boyfriend’s penis with firecrackers
      Stone Forest
      Hamburger Dress
      Needs my ‘special sauce’.
      15 Signs American Society Is Coming Apart at the Seams
      Sky Serpents – The flying snakes that terrorised America!
      In June 1873, a farmer identified as Mr Hardin, who lived a few miles east of Bonham, Texas, observed, along with workers in nearby fields, an “enormous serpent… as large and long as a telegraph pole… of a yellow striped colour”, in the words of the Bonham Enterprise. That would have been remarkable enough, except that this was floating in a cloud heading in an easterly direction. The witnesses “could see it coil itself up, turn over, and thrust forward its huge head as if striking at something, displaying the manœuvres of a genuine snake”.
      Thanks Nico Dios.
      7 ghoulish archaeological discoveries
      What supplements actually work to increase semen volume?
      FAQ On Semen
      ‘Fruits like kiwi, watermelon, celery, and pineapple are all said to make semen taste lighter.’
      “Graffiti is becoming a true art, fine and delicate” – Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin
      Stopping the ACTA Juggernaut | Electronic Frontier Foundation
      AntiCounterfeiting Trade Agreement government is tryin’ to push through without public oversight. Read this shit ‘n cringe. Is this the ‘Transparent’ government that Obama talks about?
      Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Gets Smoking DJs’ Approval
      “The song became successful by accident,” Charles R. Cross told the New York Post. “[I] had 100 DJs swear to me that they only played the song because they needed a long break to go and smoke a cigarette. If it had been a minute shorter, you couldn’t have smoked a full cigarette. If it had been a minute longer, it would have been too long.”
      LED Throwie Rat (or Mouse)
      Eminent Domain Outrage in Connecticut: Pharmaceutical Giant Pfizer to Leave New London, Site of Major Housing Battle
      Homeowners in New London, Connecticut took on the city’s leaders after they announced plans to condemn all of the homes in one neighborhood to make way for a private development project for pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. The city said it would bring in thousands of jobs. After a 2005 Supreme Court ruling against the homeowners, the entire neighborhood was bulldozed. This week Pfizer announced it is shutting down its research center.
      Michael Jackson – Captain Eo part 1 of 2 ( FULL VERSION )
      Jews on $20 Bill
      Mass: We Pray – The Video Game
      Roof Coffee Cup
      Then it hit me. If I put something on my car roof, I could see if people notice. I decided a coffee cup was the best choice, and after consulting my friends, they said to go with a StarBucks cup w/attached “cup condom”. I did , and the reaction was good enough for me to give the cup its own Twitter feed
      Opium Museum
      San Francisco Opium Den Photos circa 1889
      “Hit The Bitch,” The Danish Domestic Volence Awareness Campaign
      “Hit The Bitch” website allows you (or someone like you), in the guise a meaty male hand, to beat the crap out of a woman. And, for the sake of convenience, to simulate the beating, you can use either your mouse or your webcam.
      Agents seize bongs at L.A. Harbor listed as Christmas ornaments
      Killer Bodies – Qaddafi’s Female Bodyguards
      On a good day, the bodyguards make Qaddafi look like Hef. On a bad day, a Bond villain. On every day, a crackpot.
      Modern Day Amazons: Colonel Qaddafi’s Elite Female Bodyguards
      Colonel Gaddafi hires ‘500 beautiful Italian girls’, asks them to convert to Islam during Rome summit
      Ugandan official: cane bodies of people who die from drinking gin
      Oops, they weren’t logs after all: The moment a crocodile was killed after taking a foolish shortcut across a herd of hippos
      Truckers Delight – Crazy Video Game Inspired Video
      Thanks Jim White
      Star Wars Holiday Special 1978
      Swastikas Gift Wrap: Neither Merry nor Right
      Thanks Carlen Altman
      Hillsborough woman used stun gun on children
      “She used belts, hammers, wooden spoons, electrical cords, one is supposed to be a stun gun that she utilized,” said Debbie Carter with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. Carter also says the children were covered in marks and bruises. Horace was arrested on Tuesday and booked into the Orient Road Jail. An arrest affidavit says the children told police she urinated on them and held their heads underwater.
      Thanks Gnar Jen
      Artist sells everything she owns for £1
      WAY OUT !: JUNGLE PAM 1972
      “Here was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and to top her natural endowments she fucking knew drag racing and how to rebuild engines.”
      “Yuck Mouth” commercial ABC PSA
      Thanks Jim White
      Hard Ticket to Hawaii – Skater’s Death
      Thanks Patrick Nybakken
      CNN Reporter Detained for Showing Obama-Mao T-Shirt in Shanghai
      In Shanghai, a CNN correspondent says she was detained for two hours by Chinese security guards after she held a banned T-shirt in front of the camera. The shirt showed so-called “ObaMao”—U.S. President Barack Obama looking like Mao Zedong.
      Police Used Taser on 10-Year-Old Girl in Arkansas
      More proof that Fox ran fake video of Palin’s book-tour “crowds”
      Earlier, Think Progress caught Fox News showing what was clearly footage of a 2008 Sarah Palin campaign rally but claiming that it was video of “huge crowds” attending Palin’s book tour.
      Militant group’s recruiting of soldiers worries watchdogs
      “Many of the Oath Keepers are people who believe that martial law is about to be declared at any moment, it’s right around the corner,” Potok said.
      Monitor on Psychology – Understanding Terrorism
      “One big problem with terrorism policy altogether is that it tends to interpret things from our perspective, based on what makes sense to us,” Taylor says. “That’s not really the issue: The issue is what makes sense to people on the ground.”
      How India’s neurocops used brainscans to convict murderers
      People are being jailed after lie-detecting brain scans find them guilty. The science is flaky, but this is just the latest instance of neuro imaging being used to ‘read’ the human mind – and even acclaimed studies are now being challenged as spurious.
      Warning of extra heart dangers from mixing cocaine and alcohol
      A third chemical – cocaethylene – builds up in the liver over a number of years among those who mix the two drugs. And this is now having major health consequences
      The Forer Effect – The tendency to see ourselves in vague or general statements
      You have a great need for other people to like and admire you. You have a tendency to be critical of yourself. You have a great deal of unused capacity which you have not turned to your advantage. While you have some personality weaknesses, you are generally able to compensate for them. Your sexual adjustment has presented problems for you. Disciplined and self-controlled outside, you tend to be worrisome and insecure inside. At times you have serious doubts as to whether you have made the right decision or done the right thing. You prefer a certain amount of change and variety and become dissatisfied when hemmed in by restrictions and limitations. You pride yourself as an independent thinker and do not accept others’ statements without satisfactory proof. You have found it unwise to be too frank in revealing yourself to others. At times you are extroverted, affable, sociable, while at other times you are introverted, wary, reserved…
      Âçê : Zara Swastika Bag
      CBP in Los Angeles Seizes Volkswagen Bus Stolen in 1974
      “This is a unique case that reflects our strategic approach in utilizing the best of intelligence, training and use of information in enforcing laws and regulations at our ports,” said Kevin Weeks, CBP director of Field Operations.
      This Bra Could Save Yer Life!
      Bang Your Head or I’ll Rip It Off!: Air Guitar Vs. Cardboard Guitar
      Thanks Billoney
      National Inhalant Prevention Coalition
      Moon Water
      Six-legged goat to grab eyeballs at goat exhibition
      Saying the goat was born with six legs, four testicles and three penis a year ago, the owner adds it can walk freely and normally like other goats. “It faces problems in defecating and urinating, as discharge of urine is witnessed after frequent intervals from different penis.
      Steve Albini on Recording 2,000 Albums, Nirvana, How Geffen Tried to Put Him Out of Business, & Disregarding the Listening Audience… ‘I‚Äôll Literally Work With Anybody’…
      Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No by James Blagden
      Spanish region takes hands-on approach to sex education
      Officials launch campaign to teach young people about ‘sexual self-exploration and discovery of self-pleasure’
      Crackdown on ‘Cleavage of the Buttocks’
      Lawmakers in the city of Yakima, WA, have apparently had enough. Yesterday the city council voted 5-2 to change the city’s indecent exposure laws to include “cleavage of the buttocks,” that is, exposing a thong or G-string in public. Women caught showing off their assets can now be fined $1,000 or face up to 90 days in jail. If a child under the age of 14 is considered a victim of indecent exposure, those penalities are increased to $5,000 and up to a year in jail.
      Baggy pants wearer arrested
      According to incident reports, Bainbridge Public Safety Officers Rusty Day and Collin Hastey were patrolling the 1100 block of East Troup Street searching for a stolen bicycle. The officers observed a male riding a pink bicycle with his pant low on his body, exposing his undergarments. Officers stopped Edison on Sims Street and he was placed under arrest for violating the city ordinance, which was passed on Dec. 16, 2008.
      15 Shocking Tales of How Sex Laws Are Screwing the American People
      China: Secret “Black Jails” Hide Severe Rights Abuses
      Tampa police: Marine reservist attacked Greek priest he mistook for terrorist
      Police say Bruce offered several reasons to explain his actions: The man tried to rob him. The man grabbed Bruce’s crotch and made an overt sexual advance in perfect English. The man yelled “Allahu Akbar,” Arabic for “God is great,” the same words some witnesses said the Fort Hood shooting suspect uttered last week. “That’s what they tell you right before they blow you up,” police say Bruce told them.
      Police arrest Night Stalker suspect
      The Night Stalker is thought to be responsible for at least 108 attacks on the elderly, including four rapes and 24 indecent assaults, during break-ins in South London over 19 years
      Israelis Want a Pain Ray of Their Own
      The American weapon, known officially as the Active Denial System (pictured, above), heats the target’s skin with short microwaves. These only penetrate to about 1/64 of an inch. That’s enough to be extremely painful but (generally) harmless. In thousands of tests of the system, nobody has been able to stay in the beam for more than a few seconds.
      You Still Can’t Buy a Vibrator in Alabama By Paul Krassner
      Stealing Money, Selling Heroin and Raping Boys: Meet Our Afghan Ally
      For instance, one reason Afghan villagers prefer to deal with the Taliban rather than the government security forces is that the latter have a habit of seizing their sons at checkpoints and sodomizing them.
      Facebook Defense gets robbery suspect off the hook
      Saved by status update: “ON THE PHONE WITH THIS FAT CHICK……WHERER MY I HOP.”
      New estimate for Afghan war: $1 million per soldier
      Senior administration officials reported to the New York Times today that budget projections for the war in Afghanistan will cost U.S. taxpayers at least $1 million per soldier, per year.
      Prison inmates find drugs in fruit donated by police
      Prisoners working in the mess hall of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s Segovia Unit found 25 pounds of marijuana nestled in a crate of bananas and other fruits Friday.
      Senegal, Africa colossus proves sore point
      A gigantic, multi-million dollar bronze statue rising over the skyline of the Senegalese capital is causing a colossal storm for the man who conceived it.
      Olives Irrigated With Blood
      “Then I reached the location of the mass graves. I found one large grave, an olive tree standing next to it. Many corpses of civilians inside the hole. So the olive tree had been irrigated with the blood of the innocent people. How will it be the tree of peace, after being irrigated with blood?”
      Victim of Chimp Attack Shows Destroyed Face on Oprah
      New warning on ‘perfect vaginas’
      Advertisements promote labial surgery as easy answers to women’s insecurities about their genital appearances – insecurities that are fuelled by the very advertisements that prescribe a homogenised, pre-pubescent genital appearance standard for all women
      25 Years in Prison for Pot? Drug Warrior Congressman’s Idea Is Way Obsolete
      Rep. Mark Kirk thinks that the magic number of 15% THC concentration in marijuana should lead to a 25-year prison penalty.
      Man ‘ripped in half’ in motorbike crash given remote controlled bionic bottom
      They took a muscle from above his knee, wrapped it around his sphincter and attached electrodes to the nerves which are operated by remote control.
      He carries the palm-sized device in his pocket and simply presses a button to open his bowls when he wants to go to the toilet.
      Morrissey storms off stage after bottle thrown by concert-goer hits him in the eye
      Evangelist Tony Alamo sentenced to 175 years for sex crimes
      The Word ‘Meep’ Banned At Danvers High School
      First U.S. marijuana cafe OPENs in Portland
      FUCK YEAH!
      Walk it Out – Dystonia Style
      So Fly Swine Flu
      Meme Generator
      Holy Fuckin’ Time Waster!
      Scanners Duel
      Zeitgeist: Addendum
      The B-Thing by Gelitin
      Hitler was ‘German football coach’
      One in 20 schoolchildren think the Fuhrer was a sportsman, while one in six youngsters said they thought Auschwitz was a Second World War theme park.
      Art Students in WTC Connected to Israeli Intelligence Service
      Thanks Leather Diaper
      Dirty Dozen for Black Swan Avoidance – 12 Ways To Avoid Death
      “11. If you are in any personal or professional relationship that exhausts you or otherwise causes your recurrent distress, then end the relationship immediately.”
      Thanks Gabe McDonough
      Texas Department of Criminal Justice – Executed Offenders w Last Statements
      Some HEAVY Shit! Thanks Petey.
      You’re Going to Die!
      Florida man Joshua Basso arrested for calling 911 asking for sex
      Florida police say a man arrested for repeatedly calling 911 looking for sex claimed it was the only number he could dial after running out of cell phone minutes. Tampa police said 29-year-old Joshua Basso made sexual comments to the 911 dispatcher and asked if he could come to her house. Investigators say she hung up, but he called back four more times.
      Bang Your Head or I’ll Rip It Off!: Art of the Metal Comp!
      From my first taste of human blood I knew what my life was missing
      Thanks Nico Dios
      Buy Nothing Day – November 27th 2009
      Porn you wish you never saw – No Wonder Her Pussy Stinks (NSFW)
      Makes me think about Led Zeppelin. Thanks Carlen.
      Brainy Berries – A Night in Crystal Cave
      Images from Brainy Berries: A Night in Crystal Cave, story and illustrations by T. Benjamin Faucett (New York: A. L. Burt Company, 1924).
      Create fake Facebook Conversations.
      Lil’ Wayne “The Carter” (Sundance) Documentary Trailer Premiere
      Bus ride through a Forest Fire in Queensland, Australia
      Welcome to HELL!
      Cell Size and Scale – Interactive
      3D Kink – the best virtual fetish sex worldwide!
      More than just interactive images or video clips! Check out the hottest cyber fetish game in realtime 3D! It’s like actually being there!
      Anatomy of a Rape Fantasy
      Randy Quaid’s Journey from Actor to Alleged Felon
      Based in Northern California, Cinesmoke is committed to the art of smoking glamour, and looks forward to exploring it further and doing many cool things in the future.
      Chimp Funeral
      The Great Stalacpipe Organ, the worlds largest musical instrument, unusual odd unique
      Stalactites covering 3 1/2 acres of the surrounding caverns produce tones of symphonic quality when electronically tapped by rubber-tipped mallets.
      Bigfoot Museum
      Vodka Tampon
      “Actually, there are three girls at Ridgemont who have cultivated the Pat Benatar look.”
      Galaxy Syrup Space Foods Company ~ 1953
      Simply Beastly with BARBARA CRAMPTON
      80’s Horror Sexpot Photographed Semi-Nude With Monsters
      Film Poster Paintings from Ghana
      How To Draw Monsters by ‘Scary’ Harry Borgman!
      PS22 Chorus “RUN THIS TOWN” Jay-Z Rihanna & Kanye West
      The REMIX! Kiddie Version!
      Extreme Japanese custom vans
      Create A Pillow From Yer Dead Pet
      Armchair Cruisers Motorized Couches and Sofas
      QUILTSR≈∏CHE by Boo Davis
      Quiltsrÿche is the Seattle-based evil quilt empire of designer Boo Davis. Boo makes modern heirloom quilts just like your metal-loving, half-blind Grandma would. Bold designs, eye-popping color combinations and a touch of evil are the hallmarks of Quiltsrÿche quilts.
      Anarchists ‘used Twitter to inform protesters of police movements’ at G20 protests
      New York man accused of using Twitter to direct protesters during G20 summit
      Arrest of Queens Man Puts Focus on Texting to Rally Protesters
      The Pennsylvania State Police said he was found in a hotel room with computers and police scanners while using the social-networking site Twitter to spread information about police movements. He has denied wrongdoing.
      F.T.C. Proposes Problematic Regulation of Online Free Speech
      ASCAP Stops the Girl Scouts from Singing around the Campfire – Excerpt from Brand Name Bullies
      “In 1996, ASCAP decided that that since hotels, restaurants, funeral homes and resorts pay for the right to “perform” recorded music, and since many summer camps resemble resorts, why shouldn’t they pay too? Under copyright law, a public performance occurs “where a substantial number of persons outside of a normal circle of a family and its social acquaintances is gathered.” Like a summer camp.After reportedly opening its negotiations with the American Camping Association with an offer of $1,200 per season per camp, ASCAP eventually settled on an average annual fee of $257. But once ASCAP’s plan went public, and people learned that the Girl Scouts were among the 288 camps being dunned, the group beat a hasty and embarrassed retreat.”

      RIAA and MPAA Can’t Stop BitTorrent, Study Finds
      Is There “Hope” for Shepard Fairey? How does fair-use law work, anyway?
      The Krink MINI
      Harvard class on ‘The Wire’
      Holy Shit, It’s Cripple Porn!
      Naked man hit by train, arrested
      18-year-old suspect had eaten magic mushrooms prior to the bizarre incident, police say.
      Somali man aged 112 marries girl of 17
      Bat Fellatio!
      Have you ever heard of vaginal prolapse?
      Scientists restate Tsavo lions’ taste for human flesh
      According to the man who finally caught them in 1898, the two maneless Kenyan lions munched their way through as many as 135 people before they were shot, skinned, sold, stuffed and put on display in Chicago.
      ACLU v. The Gene Patents
      Electro-Harmonix Effectology Vol.9 Terrifying Effect Pedals
      High School Gang Rape Stuns California Community
      No One Called Cops During Gang Rape, But Some Took Pictures
      Five correctional officers charged in dog fondling
      “Essentially, he was touching the dog’s penis with his hand,“ Beasley said. “The others were there filming it. That’s actually how we learned of it — there’s a video.“
      Jr. Douche Nugget
      The Curious Case of Gay-Porn-Star Identical Twins: Porn + Perversions
      Gorgeous twins partnering up for Mission: Impossible‚Äìstyle heists may sound like the premise of a Hollywood action thriller, but the Goffney brothers’ tale is more the stuff of David Lynch. In the days that followed their arrests, photos and video surfaced showing the siblings engaged in hard-core gay sex, including a three-way with triple-X woodsman Marc Williams, star of such hits as BlackBalled 5.
      Building With Whole Trees
      According to research by the Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, run by the USDA, a whole, unmilled tree can support 50 percent more weight than the largest piece of lumber milled from the same tree. So Mr. Gundersen uses small-diameter trees as rafters and framing in his airy structures, and big trees felled by wind, disease or insects as powerful columns and curving beams.
      French Branch of Scientology Convicted of Fraud
      “It’s the first time in France that the entity of the Church of Scientology is condemned for fraud as an organized gang.”
      Amelia Earhart’s Final Resting Place Believed Found
      Legendary aviatrix Amelia Earhart most likely died on an uninhabited tropical island in the southwestern Pacific republic of Kiribati, according to researchers at The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery
      Feds Charge Cable Modem Modder With ‘Aiding Computer Intrusion’
      Man blames diarrhea for indecent exposure charge
      The underwear in question was located with stains, but the responding deputy determined the stains weren’t consistent with explosive diarrhea.
      The Official Ed Hardy song ft. Bigg Woo
      The Douche Bag Theme! Thanks Rob Kiley.
      Bushwick ’77: When the Lights Went Out – Brooklyn, NY
      Shitting Dick Nipples
      BANGS Take U To Da Movies
      No worser than OJ Tha Deuce Man. Thanks Venus Jazmin Soto
      Bloody Nipples – a gallery on Flickr
      Thanks Billoney
      Heavy Metal New Jersey 80’s Rockn’ Roll Heaven segment Channel 4 News – Clark, NJ
      “Barry Manalow, you’d better cover your ears!” Thanks Billoney.
      Brominated vegetable oil
      Thanks Billoney
      Bromoderma after Excessive Ingestion of Ruby Red Squirt
      We report a case of bromoderma from excessive ingestion of a soft drink. A 63-year-old man presented with a two-week history of tender, ulcerated, erythematous nodules on his hands and fingers
      WTF Japan?! Thanks Shadi.
      Cool Comic Cover Gallery – Batman Gets Punched!
      Cool Comic Cover Gallery – Superman Gets Punched!
      126 Chinese Opera Masks, Lei Zhenzi
      A Visit to Castle Rock
      SCOUTING NY РNew York, You’ve Changed – Taxi Driver (Part 1)
      G20 2009: Police Attack Students at University of Pittsburgh
      Thanks CopioUS Culture
      Womans Vintage 1966 Hand Embroidered Star Trek Jeans – eBay $75,000
      Soy Turns Boys into Homos
      Soy is feminizing, and commonly leads to a decrease in the size of the penis, sexual confusion and homosexuality.
      Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin
      Thanks Petey
      Man Stuffs Mouth With 16 Cockroaches In Record Bid (VIDEO)
      Hacking a NYC taxi screen
      Charmin – Enjoy the Go
      Shitty Job!
      Conan the Barbarian (1982) – Memorable quotes
      Police: Pa. man busted with weed stuck to forehead
      Midway Message from the Gyre
      These photographs of albatross chicks were made just a few weeks ago on Midway Atoll, a tiny stretch of sand and coral near the middle of the North Pacific. The nesting babies are fed bellies-full of plastic by their parents, who soar out over the vast polluted ocean collecting what looks to them like food to bring back to their young. On this diet of human trash, every year tens of thousands of albatross chicks die on Midway from starvation, toxicity, and choking.
      Man at center of Enumclaw horse-sex case in trouble again
      “More charges are coming. They’ve been having sex with full-grown horses,” Maury County, Tenn., Detective Terry Chandler said on Monday. “He [Tait] has been here for four years and it looks like it has been going on for some time.”Chandler said that Thomason owns the farm and the animals — 13 horses, Shetland ponies, goats and dogs. The detective said that it appears that people had been having sex with ponies and dogs as well.

      Cat Roadkill Toy Teaches Children About Life And Death
      Group attacks woman, rip out gold fronts
      Unemployed Jordanians deceived into donating their organs
      Between five and 10 per cent of kidney transplants performed annually around the world are estimated to be the result of organ trafficking.
      Wild Mook – American Police
      Wheelchair user, 92, arrested for smuggling coke
      A 92-year-old woman with cocaine strapped to her body flew all the way from Brazil to Spain before police arrested her, in a wheelchair, at Madrid’s airport.
      Voices Revealed
      Village ‘witches’ beaten in India
      Five women were paraded naked, beaten and forced to eat human excrement by villagers after being branded as witches in India’s Jharkhand state.
      Mona Lisa’s smile a mystery no more
      Different cells in the retina transmit different categories of information or “channels” to the brain. These channels encode data about an object’s size, clarity, brightness and location in the visual field.
      Biblical sex row over explicit illustrated Book of Genesis
      A sexually explicit illustrated Book of Genesis by controversial artist Robert Crumb, which features Bible characters having intercourse, has been condemned by religious groups.
      AP files amended countersuit in Obama Hope poster case; claims Fairey is purposely deceiving
      RZA: ‘Me Being a Geek Helped Hip-Hop Grow’
      Wanted for the Denver Newspaper Westword – A Marijuana Critic
      Westword, an alternative weekly newspaper in Denver, has the standard lineup of film, food and music critics. But in what may be a first for American journalism, the paper is shopping around for a medical marijuana critic.
      Lamebook – The Funniest and Lamest of Facebook
      Oversharin’ to hilarious ends!
      $uperDJ King Solomon IRAK’s Top Ignorant Rap$
      Face of the Future
      Fear of a brown planet
      John Forehand: Man ‘Asked Teen Daughter For Sex On Facebook’
      Forehand told his daughter he had been having “inappropriate” dreams about her, and wrote to her, “I’ll take very good care of my little girl.”
      Sex Offender Must Post Signs On House & Car Announcing His Crime
      Under judge’s ruling, man must post signs on property stating he is a sex offender.
      King Kong Drunk
      Drinkin’ that lean.
      Robert Anton Wilson – Maybe Logic
      Abandoned Structures in Asia
      Jumbo Jet flys 1ft over heads of stunned onlookers!!
      Planes over Hong Kong Landing Kai Tak Airport 1998 香港 啟德機場
      Kowloon walled city 九龍城砦
      And you thought the projects were bad!
      THE RUNAWAYS Movie Set Pictures with Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning
      Kristen looks so hot, Dakota’s gotta granny grill!
      Abandoned Atlanta Prison
      Hashima Island – More Photos
      Hashima Island
      Abandoned Japanese island fulla ruins.
      Sustainable Free Spirit Sphere Treehouse
      Damn, I wanna live in this!
      Futuristic Mobile Homes: Trailer Trash or Treasure?
      Artist Entertains With Fiery Graffiti
      Don’t get burnt, Ellis!
      The girl French film director Roman Polanski raped
      Shopkeeper’s privilege
      In many jurisdictions of the United States, the courts recognize a common law shopkeeper’s privilege, under which a shopkeeper is allowed to detain a suspected shoplifter on store property for a reasonable period of time, so long as he has cause to believe that the person detained in fact committed, or attempted to commit, theft of store property.
      Home Depot Needs To Check Your Receipt “In Case You Stole Something”
      Woman Sues Toyota Over ‘Terrifying’ Prank
      Lawsuit Claims Woman Believed She Was Being Stalked Thanks to Toyota’s Marketing Prank
      Got a Black Flag Tattoo?
      Vitamin D not flu shots
      Thanks Angie Park
      Star Wars Origins – Frank Herbert’s Dune
      Star Wars also rips of the Lensman series
      The Spiders That Decorate Their Own Webs
      Decorated trains in Japan
      Top to bottom, Full car
      Cold war nuclear bomb warmed by chickens
      Plans to fill a nuclear landmine with chickens to regulate its temperature were seriously considered during the Cold War.
      PERVERTED JUSTICE EXPOSED – The largest and best anti-predator organization online
      Check out the ‘Top 10 Most Slimy’ & predator chat transcripts!
      Mint&Serf’s Photostream
      Immigrant activists call out ‘Illegal Alien’ costumes
      1 million fps Slow Motion video of bullet impacts
      Fake cabbie ‘may have assaulted 100 men’
      Lim, who was found guilty of 15 counts of sexual penetration without consent, 11 counts of indecent assault and one count of unlawful wounding
      Dad convicted after trying home circumcision on son
      “He learned about circumcision on the Internet and sent away for special instruments.
      Court heard he put his son on the floor on some clean garbage bags and towels, with Band-Aids and a veterinary powder used to stop bleeding standing by.”
      Mayor of the Sunset Strip
      What We Do Is Secret Part 1
      That Germs film that came out a few years back. RIP Darby.
      What We Do Is Secret Part 2
      Corky Gets Wild To ‘Fight The Power’
      Thanks Lil’ Deth
      Lord Haw-Haw
      Lord Haw-Haw was the nickname of several announcers on the English language propaganda radio program Germany Calling, broadcast by Nazi German radio to audiences in Great Britain on the medium wave station Reichssender Hamburg and by shortwave to the United States.
      Mildred Gillars aka Axis Sally
      Mildred Gillars (November 29, 1900 – June 25, 1988) was a female radio personality during World War II, best known for her propaganda broadcasts for Nazi Germany.
      Hollywood Poseurs Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz Deal Drugs on ‘CSI’
      Ashlee, Pete Wentz Deal Drugs on ‘CSI’
      “Probably aspirin or something”
      Sesame Street “Slayer Sing-Along”
      3 Minute Supervan
      Tank car implosion
      Willy Wonka’s Tunnel of Hell Reversed
      WACO The Big Lie Parts 1 & 2 (Video 1)
      Steve Powers: A Love Letter For You
      JonBenet Meets Timothy McVeigh at Heavens Gate
      The Creator Of Hot Chicks Picking Up Dog Poo And Hot Chicks With Dogs With Boners Speaks!
      Clone Yer Cock!
      Moonbase Central – Space Toys of the 60’s
      The Nuns Are On The Sea Wall
      This is merely a Blog for audio and video recordings of Velvet Underground which have not been officially released.
      Egypt Р‘Artificial Virginity’ Kit Opposed
      The Artificial Virginity Hymen kit, which is distributed by the Chinese company Gigimo and costs about $30, is intended to help newly married women fool their husbands into believing they are virgins
      A Placenta Teddy Bear
      Giant, Mucus-Like Sea Blobs on the Rise, Pose Danger
      Cocaine Vaccine Is Developed, but It Does Not Keep Users From Wanting the Drug
      Stone circle suggests Stonehenge part of burial complex
      Brooke Shields photographer ‘disappointed’ by police pornography claim
      Brooke Shields: Victim of child porn?
      Polanski The Predator – Unsealed grand jury minutes detail 1977 sex assault
      France – Culture Minister Is Attacked for Paying Young Asian Boys for Sex
      Propaganda kills Afghan girl
      A YOUNG Afghan girl suffered fatal injuries after a box of public information leaflets, dropped from a British RAF transport aircraft over Helmand province, landed on top of her.
      1,000 cameras ‘solve one crime’
      Only one crime was solved by each 1,000 CCTV cameras in London last year, a report into the city’s surveillance network has claimed.
      Drugs woman forced into sex ring
      A Chinese woman arrested when a cannabis factory was raided, claimed she was made to have sex with workers locked in the premises ‘day and night’.
      E.T. – The Pachimono Experience
      Bootleg cards, circa 1983.
      Serial killer is a teenager girl
      17-year-old Brazilian girl admits killing 30 men
      Callout Cards – That’s Not Cool
      How to make Crank/Meth Aka shake n bake
      New meth formula avoids legal bans
      “But now drug users are making their own meth in small batches using a faster, cheaper and much simpler method with ingredients that can be carried in a knapsack and mixed on the run. The “shake-and-bake” approach has become popular because it requires a relatively small number of pills of the decongestant pseudoephedrine — an amount easily obtained under even the toughest anti-meth laws that have been adopted across the nation to restrict large purchases of some cold medication.”
      The Clash – Magnificent Seven – Tom Synder Show 1981
      Thanks Liz Feralcat
      Dogos, Ancient Astronauts, nomoos, zulu, Ancient Civilizations, Syrius, DogStar, Orion, Burlington Ufo and Paranormal Research and Educational Center, in Burlington, Wisconsin
      Lucifer is a Latin word, literally meaning “light-bearer”, that was used as a name for the “day star” or “Morning Star” that precedes the rising of the sun.
      Crime Scene : Sell-crack-or-die defense is now 0 for 2
      Thanks Matt Slim
      Black metal prank call
      Thanks Jason Scott Goodman
      In pictures: Phil Spector
      Slut Princesses: Tricks or Treats?
      Teen girls slutty costumes!
      Hareton – Hare Krishna Reggaeton
      Thanks Arielle Castillo.
      Walrus Wank
      Thanks Billoney.
      Doll Coffeeshop
      “This site is about life size posable dolls and it contains sexual and erotic material. I sell nothing on this site (not even coffee).”
      Art and Philadelphia – The New York Times
      “As a teenager, Mr. Powers, left, was a prolific and notorious graffiti writer known as Espo. Now, as an established gallery artist living in New York, he has returned to Philadelphia to mount an ambitious urban beautification project, one whose odd, affectionate messages – like ‘”Forever Starts When You Say Yes” and “Pre-pay is on/Let’s talk/Till my minutes are gone” – are about love and reconciliation.”
      Philly Mural Arts Program: A Love Letter For You
      Stephen Powers’s Love Letter to Philadelphia
      “In an unprecedented move in the war against visual pollution, S√£o Paulo, Brazil banned all outdoor advertising in 2007. S√£o Paulo made the revolutionary bid to reclaim its visual and mental environment by denying corporations the right to disseminate their messages throughout the urban landscape.”
      Somali Pirates hit navy ship ‘in error’
      Thanks Shadi.
      PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC: One Nation Under a Groove . The Film
      Cherie Currie ~ Photo Album
      Underage Runaway Rockin’ in her Undies!
      Hot Chicks Picking Up Dog Shit
      Thanks Haley H.
      Warzone on Regis and Kathy Lee 1986 NYxHC!
      Thanks Jeff Rokose
      Reed School for Nervous and Backward Children (1906)
      Hold on to your hearts: It’s deep-fried butter!
      2nd prize stories – World Press Photo – Boxers Before and After Fights
      In praise of the sci-fi corridor
      Spike’s (Snoopy’s Stoner Brother)
      Cymothoa exigua: Alien!
      Cymothoa exigua is a parasitic crustacean of the family Cymothoidae. This parasite attaches itself at the base of the tongue of the Spotted rose snapper, Lutjanus guttatus, with the claws on its front three pairs of legs, and extracts blood. As the parasite grows, less and less blood is able to reach the tongue, and eventually the organ atrophies from lack of blood. The parasite then replaces the fish’s tongue with its own body, by attaching to the muscles of the tongue stub. Thanks EMone
      Michael Richards (aka “Cosmo Kramer”): Freemason, Shriner, Racist
      Thanks Patric Egan
      Toy fanatic builds a house from LEGO
      Thanks EMone
      Darth Vaders Voice Before Voice Over
      Show Me Yer Diapers!
      Thanks Billoney
      American Pyramids
      Obama Satanic Youth
      Free masonry: Its pretensions exposed in faithful extracts of its standard … By Henry Dana Ward (1828) Freemasonry Freemasons Illuminati
      Free masonry: Its pretensions exposed in faithful extracts of its standard authors; with a review of Town’s Speculative masonry: its liability to prevert the doctrines of revealed religion, discovered in the spirit of it doctrines, and in the application of its emblems: its dangerous tendency.
      Nachtrag von weitern
      Documents confiscated by the Bavarian Elector at the Sandersdorf Castle in Bavaria. The castle belonged to high-ranking Illuminati member, Baron von Bassus: Thomas Maria Baron De Bassus (1742 Poschiavo, Switzerland – 1815 Sandersdorf, Germany). Primary documents.
      “The Influence of the Mystery Religions on Christianity” by Martin Luther King, Jr
      The death of former Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones is to be reviewed following new evidence, it has been revealed.
      Stimulus checks lure Floridians to their arrest
      Cops basically use a Nigerian email scam to entrap fools
      Nearly-Naked Man Hijacks Atlanta School Bus
      Bob Bonis – “BOXERS OR BRIEFS?” – The Rolling Stones
      This amusing photograph of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards answers the age old question about Mick’s underwear,,, “Boxers or briefs?” Meanwhile Keith is pulling a nanker.


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