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How I Got My V-Card Back

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    • The ad was a success — from Conran’s viewpoint. It seems pervs from all over Greater Hartford descended on the woman’s house. Some showed up at her door, while others drove slowly through the neighborhood. It got so bad that the woman’s brother-in-law had to stand guard to shoo the creeps away. But it wasn’t all innocent weirdness. One moron showed up at the wrong house and was arrested after groping a teenage girl. Needless to say, police weren’t amused by Conran’s little hijinx. They got with Craigslist and the IP provider and traced the bogus ad back to Conran.
    • T.D. Gonzalez’s sister, Jessica, a 12th grader, said, “I know they were talking about doing this on 4-20, April 20th, Bob Marley Day, but Bob Marley was about marijuana, and not about overdosing. This could have killed some students. Plus, today is not really Bob Marley Day. 420 is a national marijuana day.” “It’s retarded,” said 8th grader Carlos Salvat. “It’s dumb. It’s about getting sick for nothing.”
    • A Russian hacker who says he is living in New Zealand attempted to sell the login details of millions of Facebook users – an unprecedented attack on the world’s biggest social networking site.
    • Dr Abecassis performs a “hymenoplasty” as it’s called, at least two to three times a week. Re-connecting the tissue of the hymen takes about 30 minutes under local anaesthetic.He says the average age of the patient is about 25, and they come from all social backgrounds. Although the surgery is performed in clinics around the world, Dr Abecassis is one of the few Arab surgeons who talks openly about it. Some of the women come to him because they need virginity certificates in order to marry.
      “She can be in danger because sometimes it’s a matter of traditions and family,” says Dr Abecassis. “I believe we as doctors have no right to decide for her or judge her.”
      With Chinese manufacturers leading the way, there are now non-surgical options on the market as well. One website sells artificial hymens for just £20 (23 euros). The Chinese hymen is made of elastic and filled with fake blood. Once inserted in the vagina, the woman can simulate virginity, the company claims.
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