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Marijuana (1968) Hittin’ Trees Like Sonny Bono

“MARIJUANA, Avanti Films, 1968, 34 minutes. This film is narrated by cultural icon Sonny Bono, which provides some indication of its credibility. Sonny, who looks and sounds as if he were stoned, announces that this film will present the facts “and only the facts.” He then proceeds to explain that people who smoke marijuana “run the risk of an unpredictable and unpleasant bummer.” This is demonstrated by a pot smoker who stares at his reflection in a mirror — until his face is replaced by a rubber monster mask! He’s “tripped out,” Sonny explains, which is just the same as being an alcoholic “square and unhip adult.” – From MENTAL HYGIENE: CLASSROOM FILMS 1945-1970 by Ken Smith (Blast Books, 1999)

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