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The Jungle (1967) – 60’s Philly Gangs Dramatization/Documentary

“Directed, written and acted by teenagers Charlie Davis, David Williams and Jimmy Robinson, 1967’s The Jungle chronicles the exploits of Philadelphia’s 12th and Oxford street gang. It is amateur film making that transcends its limitations and achieves a certain rough artfulness.

With its starkly poetic black and white cinematography, urban rhythm and streetwise jargon The Jungle recalls Shirley Clarke’s The Cool World and the Beat-era improvs of Cassavetes’ Shadows. The fact that theThe Jungle holds its own against some of the sixties more legendary indie films makes it somewhat disappointing that none of the people involved with the production of the film went on to make more movies.” –Dangerous Minds

“When the Library of Congress announced the list of films that would be preserved as part of its 2009 National Film Registry, alongside such landmark titles as Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in the West and Sidney Lumet’s Dog Day Afternoon sat a little-known 1967 short titled The Jungle. Created by a group of African-American gang members in North Philly under the supervision of Temple social worker Harold Haskins, the gritty, remarkable 22-minute film circulated on the educational market for years, but re-emerged when Secret Cinema’s Jay Schwartz discovered a print several years ago.” – Philadelphia City Paper

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