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The Wild Beasts (1984) PCP Gets Into The Water At The Zoo ‘N The Dusted Animals Go Wild

When PCP gets into the water supply of a large zoo in Frankfurt, Germany, it soon becomes blood and gore galore as the zoo animals go crazy, break out of their cages, and go on a homicidal, nigh time rampage through the city killing any person they see starting with sewer rats killing a number of strangers, then tigers, cheetahs, lions and even elephants join in the killing spree. Zoo veterinarian Rupert Berner, his scientist girlfriend Laura, along with a local police officer, Inspector Braun, try to find a way to control the murderous animals and stop them before they decimate the entire city in this “nature strikes back” horror film.

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One Million Years, BC (1966) – Sexy Fur Bikini Cavegirl Raquel Welch

One Million Years, BC

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Son Of Kong (1933) – The King Kong Sequel

Son Of Kong

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20 Million Miles to Earth (1957) Ray Harryhausen Stop Motion Monster Animation


The first spaceship to visit Venus crash lands in the sea, freeing a small native Venusian creature called the Ymir. Eventually growing to enormous size, it threatens the city of Rome.

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