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Times Square (1980) Crazy Punk Teenage Runaways Cult Classic NYC 42nd St

“The film is about two teenage runaways, Nicky Marotta (Robin Johnson) from a poor family and Pamela Pearl (Trini Alvarado) from a rich family, living in New York City. After escaping from a hospital (where they are being examined for mental illness), Nicky and Pamela link up with sympathetic disc jockey Johnny LaGuardia (Tim Curry). The two girls form an underground punk rock band, The Sleez Sisters, and become a hit with the city’s disillusioned youth after broadcasting their volatile songs and speeches on LaGuardia’s radio station. The climax of the film features all the fans of The Sleez Sisters congregating in the streets of New York’s Times Square for a rooftop concert.” –Wiki

The Trailer:

The Movie:

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Is The Devil Related To Dinosaurs? Dr. Malachi York

“Sam is short for one of his titles, SamaEl meaning “poison those of EL.” He knows his name. He calls himself Uncle Sam or Dr. Seuss (Zues) with his famous statement, “Sam I Am, I Am Sam.” This is what they teach the children; not ours however, for they will get right knowledge.”

For 400 years Nuwaubians of the West and throughout the world, were in longing of the Master teacher.One who could answer all the questions of the world clearing up the lies and falsehood of our-story. One who could provide pure facts and proof as his tool to back his claims. Now someone has raised up amongst us and his name is DR. MALACHI Z. YORK. Dr. York answers the question:

Is the Devil Related to Dinosaurs?
He provides proof of his teachings with biblical and historical facts

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