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Les Graffitis (1976) French NYC Graffiti Documentary Old School Subway Writers


“In New York, the art is in the street. Graffiti and murals are all a way of expressing art outside official channels, to exist in a city that engulfs individualities.

These signatures are in fact the aesthetic expression of a new art whose influence will be considerable in the areas of music, fashion, graphic design. In New York, it’s a new way to show the world that is played.”

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The Whaled-On Wall

““Hey, get off my wall!” Leroy yelled at a gangly, bearded man with long, brown hair and glasses, who had been kicking the Fairey mural. The dude ducked around the corner onto Bowery, only to reappear a minute later to give the mural a few more emphatic back kicks, and scowl at Leroy.”

The Villager – July 7, 2010 – Page 16

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