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Hector – Junk Shop Glam Rock

“And then there were Bovver-inspired bands like Hector, who went so far as to dress like Dennis the Menace, paint freckles on their faces and stick catapaults in their back pockets. When that failed to attract the right kind of attention, an image change involving velvet hastened their demise. But they did leave us with one gem: the proto-punk Bovver thrash of Wired Up, a brilliant three minutes of teenage rock that embodies the spirit of snotty youth.”


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Johnny Thunder – I’m Alive

I’ve been obsessed with this song for a while, so I did a lil’ research to see what the deal was with Johnny Thunder ‘n found out he was the ex-singer of the Drifters from Florida. Also, the original is the Tommy James & The Shondells version. Bob Dylan told Rolling Stone magazine “Johnny Thunder is the best live performer I’ve ever seen.”

Tommy James and The Shondells – I’m Alive

Don Fardon – I’m Alive

Tom Jones – I’m Alive

Claude Francois – I’m Alive

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