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A Very Special Diff’rent Strokes

Excerpts from the infamous “The Bicycle Man” episode of Diff’rent Strokes, with Gordon Jump (WKRP in Cincinnati) as a pedophile with designs on Arnold (Gary Coleman) and his pal Dudley.

I remember first seeing this on TV. It’s always strange when a sitcom tries to tackle a serious subject. The non-intentional humor of this episode is almost as great as the awkward silence that replaces the laugh track when things get real creepy.

Dudley is such chicken hawk bait. He’s just waitin’ to be taken under wing and initiated into the very special boys club, not the Boy Scouts, but close, it’s a mentor program known as NAMBLA.
After all these years I still remember the scene where they’re watchin’ the dirty cartoon,
“Hey, that mouse just lost his pants…and he’s not wearing any undershorts!”

Here’s another awesome Diff’rent Strokes moment, when Arnold gets bound with duct tape for trying to escape his kidnapper in ‘The Hitchhikers’ episode.

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