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1990: The Bronx Warriors Spaghetti Post Apocalyptic NYC

1990: I guerrieri del Bronx

“A Heavy Metal Journey Into An Urban Hell Where Everything Was Done Wrong!”


“One of many post-apocalyptic science-fiction films which poured out of Europe in the wake of George Miller’s Mad Max, this film stars Stefania Girolami as Anna, who runs away from her wealthy but obnoxious family into the surrealistic biker gangland of the Bronx. There, she meets Trash (Marco de Gregorio), part of a gang called The Riders, and soon falls in love with him. Problems arise when Anna’s father (Enio Girolami), president of the evil Manhattan Corporation, sends in a psychopath named Hammer (Vic Morrow) to stir up trouble among the rival gangs, including a black club led by Ogre (Fred Williamson) and a rollerskating group led by Golem (Luigi Montefiori). Castellari’s direction is surprisingly stylish and exciting, but all of the hyper-macho posturing eventually grows tiresome for anyone over fifteen. Still, undemanding viewers will have a good time, as the action keeps coming fast and furious, laced with suitably hardbitten dialogue by director Enzo G. Castellari, Elisa Livia Briganti and Dardano Sacchetti. A minor classic of testosterone cinema, followed by several sequels starting with Fuga dal Bronx (1983).” – All Movie Guide

“Filmed in 1981 in both Rome and New York, 1990: The Bronx Warriors had a complete unknown as the male lead, 17 year old Marco de Gregorio (billed as Mark Gregory in all but the Italian release) who was spotted by director Enzo G. Castellari at a gym they both frequented. Castellari states on the director’s commentary of the DVD that Marco was very quiet, hardly speaking but doing a workout on his own and keeping to himself but standing out due to his looks, physique and height.

One scene has the twin towers of the World Trade Center visible in the background, during a meeting of main gang The Riders and the dominant Bronx gang The Tigers led by Ogre (Fred Williamson). The drummer that is inexplicably included in this scene was not scripted but was in the area of shooting the day that the scene was to be shot. Castellari included him in the scene, without any explanation being given as to why he was there, heralding the gangs’ arrival and starting up again as they leave.

This was Vic Morrow’s penultimate movie as he died while filming Twilight Zone: The Movie the following year.” – Wiki

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