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Damn, I Miss Hot Bagels


Back when I was a lush, there was one spot I called my favorite bar. Well, it wasn’t really a bar, but HOT BAGELS, a bagel store on Houston ‘n Ludlow that would let me drink 40 oz’s (or 22’s of Colt 45 for 99¢). I would sit there at a table ‘n watch the drunk crazers buy sub-standard bagels or use the ATM. Those crazy Russians were always tryin’ to get me to try some godawful pastries or givin’ me the thumbs up whenever I came through with a lady. Then they got a ticket for lettin’ people drink there, so I hadda go chug in the bathroom. I got my Guinness tallboy game down, able to murder one in under 20 seconds with a straw. After I got my buzz on I would head back to Max Fish. Saw Warren G in there once. Smoked weed in the bathroom. They hadda black cat, that I swore was actually white, because the black came off on yer hands when you pet him. Always wanted to hit a chick in the bathroom…oh well. Pour a lil’ out for the fawn cake with the cigarette.

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