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Pour A Lil’ Jesus Juice Out For Jacko

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The Big Box of Free Gay Porn Project

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Last Summer my friend Glacer was livin’ in the Financial District. Brisk SKE came by his crib and informed us that there was a big ol’ box o’ porn right outside his front door. I ran down and scooped it, natch! After pullin’ anything of interest outta the box (straight porns, crazier gay titles), I decided to give back to the peoples, emblazonin’ ‘Free Gay Porn!’ on the cardboard flaps with a fat-ass marker, and droppin’ it on the busy street, then watchin’ from a perch high above to see who would bite.

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Bringin’ The Decadence to the Depression – Ballin’ Out With Mad Tasty Pastries ’09 Food Porn

SeMeN SPeRmS Pastry Decadence 3731.jpg

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Fifty Cent Toy Machines Are MY SHIT!

Spike II…I’m obsessed with tryin’ to get the full spiked glove!

The glove detached offa the display, so there is a slight possibility of actually obtainin’ it.

Yeah, right…good luck.

Spike III, Now with even more prizes you can’t get! No way that shit fits in a lil’ plastic acorn!

Glow Crosses…Rave for Jesus!

Bling Teeth ‘n Recession Robbed

Alien DJ’s Stole My Quarters!

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