Teen Angst | SeMeN SPeRmS SuPeR SiTe - Part 3

Russ Meyer – Master of Massive Proportions

Russ Meyer is known primarily for writing and directing a series of successful low-budget sexploitation films that featured campy humor, sly satire and large-breasted actresses.

Russ Meyer‘s lifelong unabashed fixation on large breasts would feature prominently in all his films and is his most well known character trait as both an artist and a person. His discoveries include Kitten Natividad, Erica Gavin, Lorna Maitland, Tura Satana and Uschi Digard among many others. The majority of his discoveries were naturally large breasted and he occasionally cast women in their first trimesters of pregnancy as it enhanced their breast size even further. – Wiki

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!


Motor Psycho



Selected Filmography

1950 – The French Peep Show

1959 – The Immoral Mr. Teas

1959 – This Is My Body

1960 – Eve and the Handyman

1960 – Naked Camera

1961 – Erotica

1962 – Wild Gals of the Naked West

1963 – Europe in the Raw

1963 – Heavenly Bodies!

1963 – Skyscrapers and Brassieres

1964 – Lorna

1964 – Fanny Hill

1965 – Mudhoney

1965 – Motorpsycho

1965 – Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

1966 – Mondo Topless

1967 – Common Law Cabin

1967 – Good Morning and… Goodbye!

1968 – Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers!

1968 – Vixen!

1969 – Cherry, Harry & Raquel!

1970 – Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

1971 – The Seven Minutes

1972 – Black Snake

1975 – Supervixens

1976 – Up!

1978 – Who Killed Bambi? (unfinished)

1979 – Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens

2001 – Pandora Peaks (film) (Meyer’s last movie)

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80’s Heavy Metal Scare – Satan vs PMRC

Every decade has it’s troubled youth and every decade has it’s parental scapegoats.

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Say You Love Satan – Ricky Kasso – Angel Dusted Acid King

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Over The Edge – Matt Dillon 70’s Teen Cult Classic Stoner Anarchy in a Suburban Dystopia


Over The Edge


“New Grenada is a planned community set in the desert where there is nothing for the kids to do, save for a rec center – which closes at 6 PM. The parents, in their zeal to attract industry to their town, have all but neglected their children. As a result, the kids begin to create their own entertainment, which involves vandalism, theft, and general hooliganism. During an incident when one of the kids brandishes an unloaded gun at town cop Ed Doberman, he is shot and killed. When the parents gather the next night to discuss the killing and the level of lawlessness among the youth, they soon find out that their kids have had all they can take.” – IMDB



“That movie pretty much defined my whole personality.

It was really cool.

Total anarchy.”

– Kurt Cobain (Come As You Are, Michael Azzerrad)



Matt Dillon: “I only got one law: A kid who tells on another kid, is a dead kid.”


A totally amazin’ soundtrack that adds to it all

Over The Edge Soundtrack



Claude: That stuff I took, it was supposed to be speed, but I think it was acid. I’m flashing.

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