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Callin’ All Phreakz

  • John Thomas Draper (born 1944), also known as Captain Crunch, Crunch or Crunchman (after Cap’n Crunch, the mascot of a breakfast cereal), is a computer programmer and former phone phreak. He is a legendary figure within the computer programming world.
  • The palace was in an uproar, especially when it suspected that the two men were also listening to the voice mail of Prince William, the second in line to the throne. The eavesdropping could not have gone higher inside the royal family, since Prince Charles and the queen were hardly regular mobile-phone users. But it seemingly went everywhere else in British society. Scotland Yard collected evidence indicating that reporters at News of the World might have hacked the phone messages of hundreds of celebrities, government officials, soccer stars — anyone whose personal secrets could be tabloid fodder. Only now, more than four years later, are most of them beginning to find out.
  • For centuries, Afghan men have taken boys, roughly 9 to 15 years old, as lovers. Some research suggests that half the Pashtun tribal members in Kandahar and other southern towns are bacha baz, the term for an older man with a boy lover. Literally it means “boy player.” The men like to boast about it.
  • The dead crew member’s body would be placed in a container, called the Body Back, and moved into the airlock. Exposed to space, the body freezes in about an hour. A robotic arm then pulls the Body Back container out of the airlock, dangles it on a tether, and activates a vibration system. (The tether prevents vibration damage to the spacecraft’s instrumentation.) After 15 minutes of vibration, the frozen corpse is reduced to small pieces. Water is evaporated from the remains using microwaves, leaving about 25 kilograms of dry powder inside the Body Back. The container is left outside the spacecraft until it’s time to reenter the Earth’s atmosphere, at which point the robotic arm pulls it back inside to keep it from burning up during reentry. The Body Back folds into a smaller shape that “will not unveil that there is a corpus inside.”
  • Members of Portugal’s media, civil service and professional elite were alleged to be regular abusers of the boys, some younger than 14. Even well-known politicians were involved, it was initially rumoured. A flood of accusations from boys who had passed through the Casa Pia system followed. Some 32 boys alleged at least 800 crimes. The case pitted the orphanage boys against a group of well-educated, influential people – including a former ambassador to Unesco, a lawyer, a doctor and Cruz. Yesterday, eight years after they dared to speak out, the boys finally won their case.
  • Wyoming Highway Patrol troopers thought they’d found a bag of meth or coke — but it was just Grandma.
  • Being mormon, I can’t look at porn or nudity. So I have to get creative. That’s why I invented “bubbling”

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Kenny Rogers – The Inbred Retarded Albino White Tiger

I’ve been kinda obsessed with this retarded white tiger named ‘Kenny’ ever since I first saw a picture of his snaggle-toothed maw.

So, I started diggin’ to find out more, and discovered his last name was ‘Rogers’!

Haaah! Kenny Rogers! I guess he does bear some resemblance to the ‘Gambler’/ Country music legend/plastic surgery disaster.

Kenny also has a orange brother who is more mentally fucked then him, named, get this, ‘Willie Nelson‘! Seems that they are both the siblings of a pair of white tigers named Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty, who were brother and sister. It’s like a whole feline incest Grand Ole Opry!

White tigers are freaks of nature. They occur when there’s massive inbreedin’, so most of ’em are a lil’ funny.

Iron Mike chokes out a white tiger he once owned. I heard a story that when he was havin’ financial troubles, he fired the tiger’s trainer, but kept the tiger. Supposedly he ended up bein’ pinned down and raped by the massive feline. Who knows if it’s true, but it makes for a wild visual!

Mike has issues with the animal kingdom, check this out: “I paid a worker at New York’s zoo to re-open it just for me and Robin. When we got to the gorilla cage there was 1 big silverback gorilla there just bullying all the other gorillas. They were so powerful but their eyes were like an innocent infant. I offered the attendant $10,000 to open the cage and let smash that silverback’s snotbox! He declined.”

Another famous white tiger is Montecore, the one who did mankind and exploited white tigerkind a favor when he ‘accidently’ mauled Roy Horn of Seigfried and Roy in 2003, thus endin’ the long run of their fruity Euro magic show at the Mirage. No more frosted Krauts to demean the proud pride by makin’ them minions. “there was a woman with a “big hairdo” in the front row who, he says, “fascinated and distracted” Montecore. The woman reached out to attempt to pet the animal, and Roy jumped between the woman and the tiger.” NomNomNom. What a Vegas exit!


As for Kenny, it seems he has has gone the way of Kenny Rogers Roasters, there’s no info about him on the Turpentine Creek website, where he was relocated a few years back. I hope yer in a better place, my special tiger friend.

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