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Pour A Lil’ Jesus Juice Out For Jacko

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Dustward Transmission 7

Inside look at megawords storefront project, landlords, hamburger eyes, mudd guts, happy hollow skate team, dustward chamber and more.
Featuring Dustward Artists.
Backing Track: IDT
Additionial Sound provided by:
SAJ w- Tim and Kenji
Drugs Crew
Esteban Potencias of Bum Rush

Special ShoutOuts to:
Irak Graffiti Gang
Landlords Cycling Club
Happy Hollow Skate Team


What is the Dustward?
The Dustward is an intangible, intergalactic thread that connects and preserves all cultures, subcultures, secret organizations, and activities important to members of the Almighty Dustward Nation. Evidence of the Dustward is readily available in all aspects of life.

Where is the Dustward located?
Geographically the Dustward is located in an astral plane at the center-point of the pyramid formed between Downtown New York City, Germantown Philadelphia, and 24th Street in San Francisco.

How can I get to the Dustward?
Strong Meditation and Keen Focus. No Busters.

Is the Dustward Art?
No. Art compromises many aspects of the Dustward and members of the Almighty Dustward Nation produce artwork, but art is only one of many levels of the Dustward. You can sometimes find art in museums or galleries.

Is the Almighty Dustward Nation an Art Collective?
No, the Dustward is more than art and the Nation is in no way a collective-It is a NATION. Art collectives are usually found in and around colleges, perhaps you can find one there.

Is the Almighty Dustward Nation and the Dustward the same thing?
No. The Nation is only a small physical manifestation of the Dustward. The Dustward is an expansive force that existed long before the concrete manifestation of the Almighty Dustward Nation. The Nation acts to pay tribute to and propagate the Dustward.

What does the Almighty Dustward Nation do?
What we do is secret.

Is there a way I can become part of the Nation?
No, not right now.

My friend said he is in the Dustward, but I didnt see him on this list of names I saw one time on the internet, is he really in the Dustward?
Maybe. There are many people who represent the Dustward Nation but are not listed on official lists. Its also in the Nations best interest to have a chapter of clandestine membership. Many people not in the A.D.N. created the Dustward. So your friend might not be a liar. Or maybe s/he is, a liar.

My friend is in the Almighty Dustward Nation, but Im not- why?
You need to look in a mirror and ask yourself that question.

Wait what is the Almighty Dustward Nation?

A social club of like minded individuals interested in Community Involvement and Betterment of Modern Society and Culture via the usage of all forms of media, recreation, technology, craftmanship and construction.

Is the Almighty Dustward Nation a political organization?
No, the ADN does not support any political ideiology, except for our motto Do You

Are any musical acts associated with the Almighty Dustward Nation?
Bum Rush, IDT and Drugs Crew

Is there a Dustward Store?

Can I buy a T-shirt for the Dustward?

Can I buy a T-Shirt for the Almighty Dustward Nation?

I see people wearing all these t-shirts for hamburger eyes, duffed out, megawords, the dustward and mudd guts, where can I get one?

Theyre out there, but you cant get them. Or can you? Check http://thewormholes.org first, second make your own. Third, contact: info@duffedout.com

Is the Almighty Dustward Nation affiliated with any organizations I should know about?
The Landlords Cycling Club, Happy Hollow Skate Team, Irak Graffiti Gang, and the Wave Terrorists Surf Crew.

Are there any Dustward Publications?

All Almighty Dustward Nation Members produce their own publications most notably Megawords, Hamburger Eyes, and Duffed Out. Almighty Nation Dustward catalogs are available to informed peoples.

I really want to see and or book a Dustward Exhibition, how do I do it?

Email: info@duffedout.com, get your check book out, grab a pen. Proceed.

Wheres that Wreck Center book and tv show?

Contact info@offbowery.com

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SeMeN SPeRmS vs. Miami Art Basel ’08

Sorry I haven’t updated in a sec, hadda take a vacation to sunny FL

My hands were startin’ to get jacked up by all the computer tappin’ it took to launch the BLArRrG!

I hadda turn my gray hermit skin to a broiled lobster red.

SeMeN SPeRmS Miami Basel Street Art Gets Hot.JPG

This just in: Street Art is HOT!

Thanks to everyone who gave me a place to stay in Miami,

from upscale hotel couch to fleabag hotel floor,

and helped me to not have to pay for a meal the entire time I was down there!

See you next year, Miami.

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If You Like Metal, The Heaviest It Gets, I Wanna Hear You Fuckin’ Scream!

I’ve been obsessed with this clip for years, It’s like Heavy Metal Parking Lot on Angel Dust.

Okay, hadda show this toooo…

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