LMXT: America's Next Strategic Tanker


LMXT: America’s Next Strategic Tanker

Transformational. Connected. Expandable.


Protecting our nation means investing in tomorrow’s missions today. Lockheed Martin’s LMXT provides competitive capabilities for the near peer fight, while forging a path to the U.S. Air Force’s Next-Generation Air-Refueling System. Combining greater fuel offload at range with connected 21st Century Security technologies, the LMXT is ready to deliver Air Force crews to the heart of the fight in the future battlespace.

More Fuel for the Near-Peer Fight

  • The LMXT offers an additional 56,000 lbs. of fuel to offload for the near-peer fight.
  • The LMXT is the only tanker that exceeds all range/offload goals contained in the U.S. Air Force KC-Y 2022 RFI.

Proven & Ready

  • U.S. workforce and supply chain secured to deliver the LMXT to the U.S. Air Force by 2030.
  • Fully CERTIFIED boom and vision system.
  • A combat-proven tanker that is already certified to refuel and now refueling the following aircraft: F-22, F-35, F-16, F-15, A-10, B-1, C-17, E-7 and P-8.

More Booms, Less Aircraft

  • The LMXT provides equivalent boom in the sky with less aircraft for the near-peer fight.
  • In the Pacific (~1,500 nm), ~44% fewer LMXT tankers are required to maintain constant presence on station compared to the KC-46 and KC-135.
  • At Pacific ranges, 110 LMXTs provide the equivalent of 159 KC-135s — the capacity of nearly four (4) additional squadrons.

Completely Connected

  • The LMXT is a pathway to NGAS. 
  • For the future fight, LMXT has space, power and cooling to add mission systems to provide connectivity that ensures relevance for future threats.

Enhanced Survivability

  • Fully connected JADC2 suite enhances survivability with TRUE open mission systems architecture to remain interoperable and connected to support future mission requirements.

A Focus on Autonomy

  • The LMXT’s automatic air-to-air refueling system is already certified for daytime operations.
  • Night certification anticipated in late 2023/early 2024.
  • LMXT airframe is supporting autonomous aerial refueling trials with unmanned aircraft. 

Designed to Deliver

LMXT Specs
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Lockheed picks engine to bolster interim tanker case for US
Jun 08, 2023
Third Party Article
Lockheed Martin and Airbus have selected General Electric's CF6-80E1 engine to power the proposed LMXT strategic refueling tanker.
Lockheed Pitches LMXT as ‘Mothership’ for Future Tankers
Jun 08, 2023
Third Party Article
Lockheed Martin is pitching its Airbus A330-based LMXT tanker as a “mothership” for the Air Force’s planned fleet of small, stealthy tankers.
Lockheed picks GE engine to power LMXT tanker
Jun 08, 2023
Third Party Article
Lockheed's selection of GE's CF6 engines comes as the Air Force weighs sole-sourcing a next round of tankers to Boeing or opening up a competition.

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