Maritime Systems

Meeting Challenging Missions

As technology grows and adversaries become more sophisticated, surface navies must evolve to address constantly changing threats. To effectively defend our nation and allies' security, Lockheed Martin is providing the U.S. Navy and international navies with the solutions, training and sustainment they need to maintain their freedom of the seas and deter aggression.

Our maritime systems and sustainment technologies enable the U.S. Navy and international navies to accomplish a diverse set of missions in the air, on the sea's surface, beneath the surface, in space and on land.

Directed Energy
With pinpoint accuracy, a laser beam can be directed to a precise spot at tactically relevant ranges. By having a virtually unlimited “magazine” and minimal collateral damage, Lockheed Martin is moving this tech from the lab to the field.

Surface Combat (Aegis, LCS, LRASM)

To ensure the U.S. Navy’s maritime dominance, we provide the surface Navy with a broad portfolio of capabilities including ships, aircraft, manned and unmanned systems, projectiles and sensors.
We’re evolving tech that connects, shares and learns. We’re providing intelligence to warfighters in seconds vs. hours by integrating applications across all functions to enable data-driven decisions on the battlefield.
Our hypersonic systems are strong enough to maintain shape, guidance and communication electronics to survive exterior temperatures approaching 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
Electronic Warfare
Electronic Warfare (EW) represents the ability to use the electromagnetic spectrum—signals such as radio, infrared or radar—to sense, protect, and communicate. At the same time, it can be used to deny adversaries the ability to either disrupt or use these signals.

We’re delivering full-spectrum cyber capabilities and cyber resilient systems to our defense, intelligence community and global security customers.

Cyber Training and Mission Rehearsal
Cyber Test & Evaluation

Our Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) solutions are simplifying the complex—turning data into knowledge. And knowledge into action.
Integrating across the land, sea, air, space, cyber and electromagnetic spectrum domains is a job for our artificial intelligence and autonomy technologies.

Global Partners

As navies around the world create an integrated network of defense systems to meet national security goals, we're partnering with local industry to ensure technology and skills transfer, collaboration and investment.
Combat system deployed on more than 100 ships across eight ship classes and six navies
Primary naval helicopter for the U.S., Australia and Denmark
Integrated more than 100 systems worldwide for eight countries
Air, Sea and Undersea Systems   ___
A-Size Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Lockheed Martin has been developing and building small A-size (4 7/8-inch diameter, 36-inch length) autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) for over 35 years.
Aegis Combat System
Aegis is designed as a complete system: missile launching element, computer programs, radar and displays are fully integrated to work together.
Air Warfare Destroyer
The SEA 4000 Air Warfare Destroyer Program will upgrade Australia's maritime defence capability with three state-of-the-art ships.
CH-53K Helicopter
Built to thrive on the modern battlefield, the CH-53K aircraft is designed to be intelligent, reliable, low maintenance and survivable in the most austere and remote forward operating bases.
Integrated Combat System
The future of the ICS is a continously evolving ecosystem that will allow for fully integrated systems and neutralize threats across all domains.
Littoral Combat Ship (LCS)
The Freedom-variant Littoral Combat Ship is a resilient flexible warship, designed from the keel up to affordably take on new capabilities – from the most advanced sensors, to the latest missiles, to cutting-edge cyber systems.
Long Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM)
LRASM is a low-risk, multi-service, multi-platform, multi-mission Offensive Anti-Surface Warfare cruise missile.
MH-60R SEAHAWK® Helicopters
The MH-60R SEAHAWK® helicopter is the world’s most advanced maritime helicopter.
Manned Combat Submersible
Manned Combat Submersible
Whether stopping a ballistic missile threat, or providing humanitarian aid after a natural disaster, our Navy service members are there to respond. Our systems and platforms transport them safely and help them to do their jobs.
Latest News   ___
Aegis Software Delivered Early to the U.S. Navy’s FFG 62
Jun 26, 2023
The U.S. Navy’s newest class of warship recently received its first combat systems software package ...
Lockheed Martin and Navantia Reach Critical First
May 18, 2023
Lockheed Martin and Navantia Sistemas successfully formed a common operational picture information between the new IAFCL and SCOMBA.
Littoral Combat Ship 31 (USS Cleveland) Christened And Launced
Apr 17, 2023
Press Release
The Lockheed Martin-led ship building team launched Littoral Combat Ship 31, the future USS Cleveland.
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