Weapon Systems

We deliver transformative deterrence capabilities to domestic and international partners so that they can protect what matters most. 

Lockheed Martin has a long history of successfully providing its customers with missile and missile systems that are affordable, proven, and in production. Our reputation is backed by a record of exceptional contractual performance and successful partnerships, in both the U.S. and international defense communities.

Lockheed Martin is supporting the warfighter by providing a wide variety of highly effective and reliable weapons systems to ensure that the right weapon is available for each situation that they may face.

These weapon systems include precision strike weapons with long standoff ranges to keep pilots and aircraft out of harm's way. Lockheed Martin systems also include smart submunitions to give the warfighter maximum flexibility as well as fire support mobile artillery and guided munitions to dominate the battlefield.

Other Lockheed Martin systems include air-to-air missiles to give pilots air supremacy; helicopter launched anti-armor missiles to destroy enemy tanks and other armored vehicles; man-portable short-range anti-armor and assault weapons; kinetic energy hyper-velocity missiles that can defeat all current and future armored threats, hit-to-kill air defense systems that protect the troops from ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, enemy aircraft and weapons of mass destruction.

Lockheed Martin-developed strategic missile systems include intercontinental-range ballistic missiles and reentry systems that serve as strategic deterrents. 

Weapon Systems   ___
Enhanced Laser Guided Training Round (ELGTR)
The ELGTR provides realistic PavewayTM II Laser Guided Bomb (LGB) tactical employment training for GBU-10/12/16 as a cost-effective alternative to expending operational LGB assets.
GMLRS: The Precision Fires Go-To Round
Supporting ranges of 70 KM and beyond, GMLRS is the Precision Fires go-to round for assured mission success.
Powerful and proven, JASSM is a long-range, conventional, air-to-ground, all weather, precision standoff cruise missile for the U.S. and allied forces.
Javelin Weapon System
Discover the Javelin, a portable and effective missile defense system, ideal for countering medium-range antitank threats.
Long Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM)
LRASM is a low-risk, multi-service, multi-platform, multi-mission Offensive Anti-Surface Warfare cruise missile.
Precision Strike Missile (PrSM)
The Precision Strike Missile (PrSM) is our next-generation, long-range precision-strike missile designed for the U.S. Army’s PrSM program.
Spike NLOS
Spike NLOS is a multi-purpose, electro-optical/infrared missile system. Its advanced rocket motor provides capability to reach ranges up to 32 kilometers.
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5 Trends Shaping the Future of Defense (The Tech in #3 Sounds Like Science Fiction)
Jun 28, 2018
5 Trends Shaping the Future of Defense (The Tech in #3 Sounds Like Science Fiction)
AFSOC AC-130J gunship to fire laser weapon in flight test
Sep 27, 2022
Third Party Article
Flight demos will take place in summer or fall 2023, but it remains unclear whether development will turn into a bonafide program of record.
ATHENA Successfully Defends Drone Threat
Nov 07, 2019
Press Release
Lockheed Martin recently demonstrated their laser weapon system for the U.S. Air Force at a government test range at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, where the system successfully engaged and shot down multiple fixed wing and rotary drones.
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