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Celebrating a Decade of Advancing Vertical Flight

Sikorsky Innovations was established in 2010 to solve the toughest problems in vertical flight by introducing new technologies, processes and products. The team has made significant progress within the three technology pillars over the past ten years. Today, X2 Technology™ forms the basis of our offerings for the Future Vertical Lift program, MATRIX™ Technology is redefining our customer’s perception of autonomous flight and our Data Analytics and Prognostics teams keep hundreds of aircraft flying each day.


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Sikorsky Innovations is an agile, distributed group of Engineering & Technology experts, as well as academic, industry and business partners.  Working together, we are leveraging the strengths of Sikorsky to quickly and affordably solve the toughest problems in vertical flight by introducing new technologies, processes and products.



Tied to the success of the X2 Technology™ Demonstrator, speed is demonstrated in the S-97 RAIDER® helicopter. The first application of X2 Technology, this aircraft is expected to fly at cruise speeds up to 220 knots (253 mph) in armed configuration.


Developed through MATRIX™ Technology, the Autonomy pillar gives humans the technology and tools to fly more missions and more effectively, enable new missions and improve safety and reliability, while reducing the cost of owning aircraft.


Intelligence technologies are changing the way we fly and maintain helicopters. By coupling intelligent systems with the health and usage operations that govern them, we are improving the aircraft’s safety, economics, and mission effectiveness.
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Igor Cherepinsky

Topics: Advanced Rotorcraft, Autonomy

Igor Cherepinsky is the director of Sikorsky Innovations, where he runs the group responsible for maturing next-generation technologies including X2 technology™ and active rotor, as well as defining next-generation products. Since joining the company in 1998, Cherepinsky has contributed to the development of several vital components seen on Sikorsky helicopters today, including a Fly-By-Wire program and the Autonomy Mission Manager software suite, along with the S-76 Sikorsky Autonomy Research Aircraft (SARA). Cherepinsky led a success pursuit for the Defense Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automation System (ALIAS) Program and most recently was the Director of Autonomy Programs at Sikorsky.

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Sikorsky Innovations in the News   ___
Sikorsky’s RAIDER X® Digital Backbone Drives Success for the Army’s Modular Open Systems Approach
Jul 10, 2023
This year, the U.S. Army plans to hold the first of two Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) verification demonstrations as part of its competition for the Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA).
Sikorsky Celebrates 100th Anniversary By Highlighting Its Enduring Support Of Missions In Europe At Paris Air Show
Jun 19, 2023
Press Release
Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company, will celebrate its 100th anniversary during the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget.
Igor Sikorsky Inspires Generations Of Innovation On 134th Anniversary Of His Birth
May 25, 2023
Press Release
Igor Sikorsky came to America as a refugee, led the creation of the rotorcraft industry and spurred engineering progress. After 100 years, the aviation innovation company he created still inspires those who work here.
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