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Threat deterrence always begins with detection. As escalation from bad actors increases, the U.S. military and its allies need expansive radar systems that can adapt to a range of potential threats in various landscapes.

Lockheed Martin has been at the forefront of threat detection for over 50 years and is the trusted partner for armed forces across the world. Our systems are reliable, upgradeable, and designed to operate in the digital age. We’ve got your six.

Lockheed Martin Radars: The Global Choice

Lockheed Martin radars are the choice of more than 45 nations on 6 continents. We have broad and deep experience developing and delivering high performing, high reliability ground-based, naval and airborne radar solutions, specializing in counter target acquisition, early warning, situational awareness and integrated air and missile defense. Our radars are deployed worldwide and have operated in extremely stressing environments.

Not only are Lockheed Martin radars and sensors some of the most advanced in the world, but they work with existing critical defense networks keeping cities, countries and citizens protected from adversarial threats. This portfolio has everything you need for all missions.

We've Got You Covered.

Keeping America and our allies safe requires a mature and progressive network of systems that lets us know when threats are incoming. Knowing what threats are out there – seeing them, identifying them, tracking them, and determining quick action – is an imperative in national defense.

“Threats” can mean many things - it’s a missile, unmanned aerial vehicle, aircraft, rocket, artillery, mortar…maybe even something else. Radars are critical components of a defense system. They are the “eyes” that are responsible for identifying those threats, providing early warning, situational awareness and otherwise full spectrum air defense.

Today, radars are trusted around the world by many defense forces and defense networks on all battlefields: in the air, on the ground, in space or in the sea. Lockheed Martin covers all mission spaces with radars that perform surveillance, tracking, classification/discrimination/identification, fire control engagement and kill assessment.

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AN/APY-9 Radar
The AN/APY-9 radar is an integral part of the Advanced Hawkeye program for the United States Navy’s Littoral Surveillance and Theatre Air and Missile Defense (TAMD) missions.
AN/TPQ-53 Radar System
The Lockheed Martin AN/TPQ-53 counterfire target acquisition radar is a new generation of counterfire sensor with the flexibility to adapt to uncooperative adversaries and changing missions.
Aegis Combat System
Aegis is designed as a complete system: missile launching element, computer programs, radar and displays are fully integrated to work together.
Lockheed Martin's family of radars provides multi-mission ground-based radar solutions for medium- to long- range air surveillance.
Ground-Based Air Surveillance Radars
Lockheed Martin’s long range and medium range radars set the industry standard for ground-based air surveillance.
Long Range Discrimination Radar
The Long Range Discrimination Radar (LRDR) program is the backbone of the Missile Defense Agency’s layered defense strategy to protect the U.S. homeland from ballistic missile attack.
Today’s warfighters face ever increasing threats and require the latest technology to identify, track and respond appropriately. SPY-7 radar is the most advanced technology that will provide the capability to make these decisions – accurately and quickly.
Sentinel A4
Sentinel A4 is a high-performance replacement of the legacy Sentinel A3 (AN/MPQ-64A3) air and missile defense radar that will provide significant improvements to the existing Sentinel capability against cruise missiles, unmanned aerial systems, rotary wing and fixed wing threats.
Lockheed Martin's family of radars provides multi-mission ground-based radar solutions for medium- to long- range air surveillance.
Latest News   ___
Royal Norwegian Air Force Selects the Lockheed Martin TPY-4
Nov 17, 2022
Third Party Article
Today the Royal Norwegian Air Force selected the Lockheed Martin TPY-4 next generation ground-based air surveillance radar ...
U.S. Army’s Q-53 Multi-Mission Radar Demonstrates Counter-UA
Oct 27, 2022
Press Release
The U.S. Army’s AN/TPQ-53 (Q-53) Multi-Mission Radar (MMR) successfully integrated with an Army command and control system and provided tracking data ...
First Sentinel A4 Radar Completed in August
Sep 01, 2022
The new Sentinel A4 radar will provide improved surveillance, detection, and classification capabilities against current and emerging aerial threats
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